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Talk about misleading titles…someone is definitely in for a surprise

Talk about misleading titles…someone is definitely in for a surprise

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  • Zombie-King666

    Most people who pre-ordered dead space have most likely already played dead space 2 which means they own it so, getting a copy of the game you own makes no sense. Then there’s the fact that it says get a copy of dead space 2 on release and I bet there’s people who are going to read that and assume they already have the second game being remade and are giving it to the people who preorder the first game.

  • TheHouIeigan

    I might buy the remake, as I already have 2 versions of Dead Space (PS3 & PC)
    Just want to know how hard the Shooting the incoming asteroids is (I can pass it but it is a real pain in the old hands)

  • twilight_sparkle7511

    I don’t think it’s that bad it’s just preordering it for a free game sure it may be a little misleading but it’s a free thing for people who purchase a bit earlier.

  • xmac

    Reminds me of an Amazon review where somebody bought the FF7/FF8 Remastered double pack for Nintendo Switch, and they were surprised that FF7 wasn’t the PS4 Remake, then felt compelled to write that in a review.

  • phantonyte

    In 10 years, every old game is going to be required to add an apostrophe in their titles because of the lazy naming video game companies do.

    It’s already bad enough when DOOM got confused between the old and new, now people have to say DOOM ’93 and DOOM ’16. Battlefront can’t just be said Battlefront anymore, gotta say Battlefront ’04 or Battlefront ’15.

  • Frenchy1337

    Lol @ apostrophe kid for replying then blocking me. No idea what you said, but no one calls it Doom ‘16 like it’s madden. People either say the original or the new one, remake, remaster or something along those lines. Same with 99% of the games that get remade. Because normal people don’t have the year of every games release memorized.

  • Avlin_Starfall

    Pre-order this remake! We will give you this 10 year old game we have given away for free many times and on on Steam sales goes for like 5 dollars.

  • deathbunnyy

    You can’t always cater to the absolute brainless consumers. If you spend money on something, YOU have the obligation to research it.

  • Drackar39

    Why spend $50 for a shitty re-make that’s probably going to be full of exploitative micro transactions and bullshit when you can spend $20 and get dead space 2?

  • ScuBityBup

    Well, with English being my 3rd language, I had no problem understanding that this will be the old DS2. Idk about others, you do you

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