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Take a Ride – Don Felder. Heavy Metal was a great animated movie.

Take a Ride – Don Felder. Heavy Metal was a great animated movie.

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  • HunnyBunion

    South park had me discover how awesome this was

    Heavy metal was a bit before my time so never watched much. I looked up the original film after watching the heavy metal inspired SP episode

  • gimmiedacash

    The movie is so scared into my brain that Blue Oyster Cults Veteran of a thousand psychic wars plays during the bomber sequence.

    Take a ride is with the big Head ship, after the pilots do a “little”
    nose candy

  • agitatedprisoner

    I don’t get it. Why did the dead come back as skeletons and why did they attack their surviving crewmates? Wasn’t their crewmates’ fault they got killed. Shouldn’t they have jumped out of the plane onto German planes or positions and taken revenge on the Germans? Or why even have the dead come back at all, just have the survivors parachute out and do whatever and it’d have been heavy.

  • damnatio_memoriae

    I didn’t realize this movie had like… war and death and shit. I thought it was just supposed to be trippy like with boobs and shit.

  • turbografix15

    I saw this on VHS at my uncle’s house when I was 11 0r 12 and it really freaked me out. I still feel uneasy when I see it, and I’ve seen it maybe 20 times since.

  • Texagon

    I saw this at the theater when I was 16 (yeah I’m old now) and it was a huge deal in my music growing up life. It got me into so many bands back in the day. Sammy Hagar, Devo, Nazareth, Don Felder. I had already been into Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult, and Cheap Trick. I had this soundtrack over the years on vinyl, 8-track (which was ancient even at that time), cassette, CD, and, MP3.

    I think it was the first R rated movie I ever went to the movies to see. Cheesy as it is these days, I always loved that movie and still do even today.

  • rybeardj

    I’m 41 years old and I think even for the time the animation sucks ass. The characters move like they’re animatronics.

    The song is meh.

  • zeno0771

    Felder had two songs on this soundtrack: This one, and “All Of You”. Don Henley and Timothy B. Schmit sang backing vox on this track but the Eagles influence is everywhere on both songs; Felder’s guitar tone is exactly the same and his own vocals sound like Henley with a hangover. Too bad he never capitalized on it; he could have been just as successful as a solo artist as either Henley or Glenn Frey if he wasn’t so against the idea of touring. It cost him a lot of momentum.

  • Tipop

    I saw this movie back in the VHS days, and this clip isn’t accurate. There’s music at the start, yes, but it fades away and the rest of it is quiet and eerie. They even clipped out the shots of the green glow following behind the plane and then hitting it from underneath. By erasing the original audio and dialogue they got rid of most of the uneasy horror.

    EDIT: I just watched this scene again ( and the music fades away just as the camera zooms in on the pilot and copilot.

  • Giddyyapp

    Gerald Scarfe did the animation in ’78 for Pink Floyd’s ’79 ‘The Wall’. Heavy Metal style, scenes and echoey music are reminiscent of The Wall.


    I like this movie because, despite all the rotoscoping, it’s from a time when America was still doing its own thing, not trying to copy anime. You can’t beat Japan at anime when it comes to animation, period. No, not even Korea.

  • hiro111

    Trivia: many of the shots in this sequence were created through rotoscoping.

    In the rotoscoping process, the studio created physical models of the airplanes, shot the necessary tracking shots on film and then created hand drawn animation over the film. This was an easier way to get accurate movement, parallax, scaling and perspective when the camera is moving, all of which are very difficult in traditional animation. There is documentary footage out there of these actual shots, the models are surprisingly big.

    Rotoscoping is the way that the famous “Take On Me” video by A-Ha was created as well as lots of Ralph Bakshi’s work (example: the Dark Riders in the Lord of the Rings animated movie).

    Heavy Metal is the perfect “slightly stoned at 2am and don’t want to go to sleep” movie.

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