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Superman meets Batman for the very first time (in the DCAU), from the 1997 three-parter “The World’s Finest”

Superman meets Batman for the very first time (in the DCAU), from the 1997 three-parter “The World’s Finest”

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  • meowskywalker

    I know a lot people hate the models in The New Batman Adventures, especially lipless Joker, but I think they’re fantastic. All nice clean lines and just enough detail to look good without drowning in the muscle definition that the comic artists are obsessed with.

    Plus Tim Drake is best Robin

  • IrishEv

    I had this on VHS as a kid along with a couple of the Batman animated movies (subzero is the only name I can come up with). Really solidified my love of these characters

  • parabostonian

    Funny I thought Clark Kent was Bruce Wayne until the phone conversation. The animated versions of the two of them look so similar. =)

  • ThatPunkGaryOak82

    I’m dying at the fact Supermans first instinct is to x-ray Batmans mask & admit, outloud, that he knows he’s Bruce Wayne

  • sharrrper

    It’s always hilarious when “random generic mob muscle guy” tries to take on Batman. Like, he’s fucking BATMAN. What do you think you’re gonna do?

  • walla_walla_rhubarb

    Maybe I’m getting old, but the first thing I noticed about Batman in this clip:

    -Dumps glass shards dozens of feet above a full dance club

    -Fuckin yeets a cage with a girl in it at armed assailants

    -Draws fire directly into another caged woman’s direction

  • a-horse-has-no-name

    The fun part is that Superman clearly has the capability to stop himself in midair but he’s so clearly surprised by the BALLS on Batman that he forgets he has powers.

  • Vegan_Harvest

    I still believe these are the best on screen versions of these characters and this is what the movies should have been based off of. It’s pointless to team up Batman and Superman if they’re both grim-dark assholes.

  • PaultryPhotographer

    This animated series and it’s predecessor BTAS are hands down some of the best takes on these characters. The voices and some of the animation work are stunning and somehow feel real without taking away from the world of wonder that this animated world exists in. Here’s hoping that Batman: Caped Crusader ends up in a good spot since WB doesn’t want it.

  • bob1689321

    This is fantastic. They nail the tone, it’s fun while still feeling kinda heavy. Like you know it’s a big moment without them having to make it super edgy or dramatic.

  • insanezain

    Batman really pulled out kryptonite, got a date with Lois, and figured out Superman’s alter ego in one clip. That’s my GOAT.

  • IdealIdeas

    I love how both immediately find out each others identities.
    Also some of that animation was smooth as butter. Mainly the parts were Batman used snares on the henchmen

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