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Studio behind Slay the Spire announce they will change course (on a 2+ year game-project) and completely migrate away from using the Unity Engine after Unity’s price changes.

Studio behind Slay the Spire announce they will change course (on a 2+ year game-project) and completely migrate away from using the Unity Engine after Unity’s price changes.

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  • TheMilliner

    Y’know, considering that Wizards of the Coast *literally* just had this fight like, less than 6 months ago *and lost that fight*, Unity execs would be kind of scrambling to change lanes on this.

    Dozens of lawyers came forward during WotC’s thing to point out that no, you cannot retroactively change a contract unless it’s already written in and agreed to beforehand as that’s illegal. Someone also needs to point out that there’s functionally no way for Unity to actually *enforce* payments from free users as no money changed hands, particularly from *freely distributed* games that do not have a price tag.

  • cemo95

    I have nothing but mad respect for these devs, StS is a masterpiece and if you play it a bit, so easy to see how hard they tried to make an amazing game which basically defined the genre and made it popular.

  • Chicano_Ducky

    Devolver Digital has said they now want to know what engine you use during pitches for publishing. This heavily implies unity is now banned from the biggest indie publisher there is.

    If Unity is dropped by mobile devs, the people this policy targets the most for money, its over for unity.

  • StormtrooperMJS

    Student dev here the campus discord channel is being lit up by students who have spent a year or more learning and working in Unity. Future indie devs are not going to even spend more time learning the engine.

  • LordVolcanon

    I’ve been working on a small game in unity (off and on) but I am gonna start over in something else. I’m still learning so losing me would mean nothing to anyone, but still.

  • l_______I

    Well, that’s a quite a shitshow. Congrats Unity. You’ve ruined a company. But what I should expect from a CEO that comes from EA.

  • g9icy

    I believe this is all *deliberate* by Unity. They know exactly what they’re doing. It’s a firesale of the IP. Shareholders are insider trading. It’s the beginning of the end of the company.

    My guess anyway.

  • reddit_reaper

    If i was Microsoft i would start public engine projects like unreal with all their engines. Even open source then in the same way as unreal with all the restrictions (devs can get it but they must adhere to the eula). Then make it so games on Xbox store receive no penalty. Other stores do similar to EGS. Idtech, slipspace, creation, and forzatech. Put them out there so in one gui endpoint where the user could choose which to use.

    Alas i don’t think they do it but it would make a bunch of money imho

  • DualityDrn

    Thanks John Riccitiello. Bye John Riccitiello. New CEO when? He’s just overseen the largest single migration away from their entire platform that the industry has ever seen and the irony is they’ll make less money come January *and every quarter thereafter in perpetuity* because of it.

  • Blind_Melone

    Holy smokes, that last blurb at the end.

    Feels like this personally upset a lot of people in the industry.

    Unity; what a total fucking misnomer.

  • ArtfulAlgorithms

    The massive irony that Unity started being a thing, because it was the game engine you didn’t have to pay for to develop in. That was the original selling point – it’s free until you release a game. Then Unreal did the same thing, and since then, it feels like they’ve been struggling to figure shit out.

    This here latest is really stupid, and I don’t know why they think this would be a good idea.

  • xseodz

    I think their terms aren’t even worth it at this point. Unity has shown that it will alter the deal, get backlash, and still stay the course.

    Everyone should be migrating away, even if Unity starts offering money to stay, you cannot trust them.

  • noodhoog

    God damn. Reading this, I was thinking “Huh. STS is one of my favorite games of all time, and yet I never hear *anything* from the devs”

    And then, bam: “We have never made a public statement before. That is how badly you fucked up”

    That’s like when the silent kid finally snaps and just demolishes the bully.

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