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Starfield sitting at just 18k players on steam within 2 months (Cyberpunk understandably received an expansion & Elden ring yet to receieve)

Starfield sitting at just 18k players on steam within 2 months (Cyberpunk understandably received an expansion & Elden ring yet to receieve)

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  • KleitosD06

    This isn’t a great metric to go by given how this game almost certainly has more players on Game Pass than it does on Steam, which correct me if I’m wrong, both Cyberpunk and ER are not on.

    Not that I’m against bashing Starfield when applicable, but as far as sales/player numbers go, it’s really not doing poorly.

  • madaboutmaps

    This doesn’t count xbox players though, right? I’m playing on game pass.

    I also think that who likes it, will keep liking it. And like it more when modding pops off.

  • PimpmyPride

    Most people have either finished it or just dropped off it. Definitely not the longevity of Skyrim. It being an overhyped game which was very mediocre certainly didn’t help. Plus gamers are spoiled for choice this year with so many bangers dropping.

  • berthanations

    Anecdote but once I beat the main mission, it irked me that the NG+ mechanic seemed antithetical to the side questing and hoarding the game encourages. I spent a lot of time ship building, base building, mining, and item hunting, only for none of it to matter in NG+.

    I stopped playing.

    This game definitely doesn’t have the longevity for me that Fallout and Skyrim do.

  • Middcore

    Jesus Christ, the persistent obsession some people have with proving they were “right” about this game is tedious.

    Some people liked it a lot and that’s fine. If you didn’t like it at all, that’s fine too. Move on.

    “But the review percentages now! But the player numbers!” GET A LIFE.

    It was a big success for Bethesda/Microsoft financially. That’s just a fact and even if you could somehow convince everybody who enjoyed the game they were “mistaken” and prove it’s “bad” with fAcTs aNd lOgIc that wouldn’t change.

  • katastrophyx

    I took my time and played through Starfield once after about 50ish hours. I started NG+, and got about 5-10 hours into my second playthrough, and just…lost interest.

    Starfield suffers from a lack of the one thing that Bethesda is supposed to do well. The joy of exploration.

    I understand in space you kinda need to use fast travel to get from place to place to cover huge swaths of space. But the planets are so bland. You get a handful of landing spaces with “explorable area” and any random spot you pick just gives you some random procedurally generated nonsense that provides no incentive to explore.

    I was super excited for Starfield, and I feel like after about 70ish hours I can make a fair assessment of it. It’s just mediocre at best.

  • elementfortyseven

    I have two playthroughs in Starfield and havent started Phantom Liberty or BG3 yet, waiting for holiday time. multiple people in my clan are in a similar position, choosing certain slots in the year for the big titles. but i doubt we are of significance for the statistic.

  • FiteMeIRL_I_TraneUFC

    I wonder if there are people out there that refreshes this Steam page every single day and quickly post the # on Reddit? Kinda weird yo. 🤣

    It’s fine if people love the game. It’s fine if people hates the game. Who really fucking cares.

    Nowhere near a perfect game but I enjoy it so far (I’m on a gaming PC tho). Once official modding tools from the devs show up next year the game will be improve upon even more.

    Bethesda game = moddable for decade to comes.

    $100 dollar there will be a post EXACTLY like this every few weeks about Starfield.

  • TerryTacoma

    Lol people’s entire personality on reddit is hating on starfield. It’s unfortunate it’s not as much of a failure that people hoped it would be

  • lemi69

    Probably a lot of players are on gamepass….

    But I will say this…it doesn’t have the same pull that Skyrim had. In other words I won’t buy Starfield for every console and every edition that comes out

  • -Velocicopter-

    Everyone I know bought Baldurs Gate 3 and Cyberpunk on GOG. That player base is not counted. Most Starfield player are likely on gamepass, which is also not counted. Is this metric Pointless?

  • BurnerDanBurnerMan

    Putting starfield with cyberpunk is ok. Putting it with multiplayer games like Bg3 and Elden Ring is not OK as a metric for comparison. That’s like comparing the playerbase for Mad Max with Borderlands. People put down single-player games rather quickly. Some players will sporadically go back to them later.

  • ramshot

    Just played for many hours yesterday with the new beta patch, which, by the way, is brilliant. Frame Generation is bugged but otherwise performance is a lot better now.

    Anyway, Starfield is not a bad game. Yes, in terms of graphics, engine, world cohesion, and many other aspects, it pales in comparison to Cyberpunk 2.0. Many other things pale in comparison to BG3.

    But you know… It’s not Cyberpunk. It’s not BG3. It’s an entirely different vibe. It serves me an experience completely different from Cyberpunk or BG3, and does it well.

    I don’t understand why everything has to be a comparison, or black/white. You can be a good game without being the absolute best, and that’s what Starfield, at least for me, is.

    Instead of gloating over some arbitrary player numbers of any given game you don’t like, people should be happy we have so much choice now, with all these quality RPG(‘ish) games.

  • LucienSatanClaus

    Are people forgetting that 80% of the playerbase is on XBox and PC Gamepass? What kind of shit comparison is this? At least use player numbers across all the platforms if you have to compare.

  • BrandoCalrissian1995

    Why are you people so obsessed with this game doin poorly? You don’t like the game that’s fine. Fuckin move on with your life and play games you like. I don’t like the game so I don’t fuckin think about it.

  • Hsanrb

    When was 18k players a bad omen? Isn’t like 10,000 players the top 100 on steam? If you like it, who cares if you are the only one playing. It’s not like it’s a multiplayer with a hundred players that could shut down or lose value overnight.

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