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Square Enix announces Final Fantasy is coming to Xbox at E3 2008

Square Enix announces Final Fantasy is coming to Xbox at E3 2008

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  • PopeJustinXII

    I think this was the announcement that finally made my decision for me. I finally took the plunge and got a 360 over a PS3. Xbox was hyping up their JRPGs with Blue Dragon, Infinite Undiscovery, and of course, Final Fantasy. It just so happened that shortly after Dell’s website made a mistake and marked down the Elite version of the console to $300 (from $450), and I snapped one up.

  • GalacticAlmanac

    Looking back on it now, it was probably a bad decision to release on the 360 and having to split it into 3 disks. They had to make it super linear until the last disk when they can finally open up the world. It’s like for such a superficial reason too with 7+ hours of high quality cutscenes pushing the game over 50 gb.

    I really liked the lore of the world that they built and some of the characters, but I am so unmotivated to finish the game; combat is not particularly good or bad and I do want to finish all the side content since I will never touch the game again once I do beat it.

    I think I will commit to finally finishing it after all these years as like my new year resolution for 2024 once I have some time next year.

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