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Sonic adventure 1 has to have one of the best OSTs in gaming history

Sonic adventure 1 has to have one of the best OSTs in gaming history

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  • WindUpShoe

    *”I do understand the feelings of a Persian cat
    (But Sphinx looked so cute, I had to shave it)
    He reminds me of parsley when he’s standing there alone
    (Makes me wanna be his spécialité)
    I guess I’m just a self-centered girl – mhm
    But there are nights that I have trouble going to sleep -uh-huh”*

    Huh. I never really paid much attention to this song before, but uh…. interesting lyrics.

  • pootiecakes

    I think it legitimately is the best “modern” (lol 24 year old) Sonic soundtrack, though I’m sure nostalgia makes me biased…

    But it carried over with Jun’s SEGA Saturn roots, blending in with the newer age music the series really switched over to, and to me it’s an extremely creative overall musical experience. Sonic didn’t have any other games yet with “Butt Rock”, but it felt really fresh and exciting. Sonic was now a “teenager”, it felt like. It has more “Classic” Sonic DNA than most of the other 3D titles since, even the ones that explicitly do call backs and remixes from the Genesis era.

    “Speed Highway …at Dawn” might be my favorite banger on the whole thing, as a shameless plug, but there are so many great tracks it’s impossible to really pick any one.

    11/10, one of my favorite game soundtracks of all time.

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