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So happy to have finally finished these two. Funniest games I’ve played in a LONG while.

So happy to have finally finished these two. Funniest games I’ve played in a LONG while.

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  • fisheswithherbs902

    SoT is one of my favourite games ever made. Excellent rpg, and the bigger fan you are of South Park, the more references you’ll get. I’ll never forget roaming around town the first time, walking by the theatre and having someone poke their head out from behind the trees and go “Psst”. I thought to myself “Is that Al Gore?”. I went back and commenced freaking out because it totally was Al Gore. And he needs me to help him fight ManBearPig, who’s half man, half bear-pig. 11/10, or at least 5/7.

  • MaxEhrlich

    I recently finished the alien part of SoT but then I started playing some other stuff. Really fun game and the story and VO is perfect, not sure how much is left for me to beat but I’ve not found the drive to get back in.

  • aafab49df3

    The thing that a lot of people don’t realize until they play these games is just how good the RPG elements are. If you stripped out the SP characters and humor and just made a generic fantasy game with the battle system/game design it would still be really well done and fun to play. Because it’s SP is just icing on a cake.

  • demonardvark

    i absolutely loved, and I mean loved the stick of truth. came out after a rough period of my life, didn’t really have the money for it and bought it, later that evening I was playing it and my family basically ended up crying. they were like “this is the first time we’ve heard you laugh in months”.

    fractured not as much. really didn’t care for it at launch, never found myself laughing out loud at it. like maybe a kek here and there. went back and gave it another chance and its okay, just not as funny as stick of truth in my eyes. apparently late development they did a huge rework and I think that may have influenced things.

  • ChrisRevocateur

    I really enjoyed the first one. On the second one they give you the chance to rebuild your character when you open up getting a second class. I changed my build around and went into the strip club. Turns out you need to be able to push to get through that fight, and my rebuild didn’t have that ability. The auto-save was on your way into the strip club, so I couldn’t go back. Yes, my fault for not having a manual save. But still, having to start the game all over meant I never went back to it, so I don’t know how much I would have liked it.

  • sgtquackers66

    Finished Stick of Truth last week. Just started Fractured but Whole this week. I laughed so hard with Stick of Truth. Hoping for the same.

  • fletch0083

    I loved SoT. I think FBW came out when I was bogged down with other games so I never got around to playing it, but I’m considering picking it up. If it has still has solid RPG mechanics and quality writing I’m sure it’ll be worth it

  • resident16

    Absolutely. Beat them both multiple times. Initially I liked Fractured Butt Whole more but Stick of Truth’s gameplay holds up better IMO. Both are must plays though.

  • ScenicPineapple

    Thanks for posting, always wondered about these games and never played them. I’m trying to find a used copy and NONE of them have a manual, did they come with manuals?

  • Notthesharkfromjaws

    This series has some of the funniest moments in gaming. From fighting wine drunk randy to exploring Canada, it’s just amazing.

  • F0ur20Memez

    these games help me feel a little better when I’m feeling down. They have great stories, gameplay, and humor throughout both of them.

  • LaserGadgets

    I bought the first game on sale, big fan of the show…but I did not touch it until I had NOTHING else to play (“nothing else”), and I loved it!! Like a playable South Park movie….which is like long awesome episode of South Park! Just perfect.

  • allisslothed

    I lost my shit when you come up to the top of the [City Wok tower and are face to face with a fully armored Mongolian and are kinda just looking at it like, what am I supposed to do??](/spoilers)

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