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  • PrescientPotato

    Will killing Thalmor help anyone? Absolutely, they’re oppressing half of Tamriel and stoking internal conflicts and civil wars in the regions they occupy in order to stay in power.

    Would killing Paarthurnaax help anyone? No one I can think of

  • Bsause7

    Paarthurnaax has done absolutely nothing but sit on a mountain for tens of thousands of years and the one time he does do something he provides vital support in saving Nirn and every living thing in it.

    The Thalmor are actively attempting to spread a facist regime that practices such a high amount of racism it makes even the most cold-blooded Stormcloak jealous. They don’t even try to hide it. Some of their voice lines include “Pathetic humans” and “Suffering to all mankind”. Doesn’t sound very likeable, does it?

  • Any-Employ-1822

    If the world ends up teaming up against the them, the thalmor will not win to that much fire power. And I will be very glad that if this happens.

  • Philip_Raven

    High elves in this game are literally Nazi parodies.

    They believe their race is superior, they are slavers and they publicly root for genocide of other lower races.

  • ZookeepergameDue8501

    Some real haters on here. Doesn’t anyone believe in redemption anymore? This dude was the reason you were able to save the world.

  • ryan7251

    Parthanax is like a nazi that woke up and said “You know what i just noticed hitler is insane I’m going to switch sides!”

    So in real life i feel most people would forgive a nazi that switched sides after waking up to hitler’s insanity.

  • shadowdash66

    Paarthurnax: Has a cool voice actor(Charles Martinet a.k.a Mario)

    High Elfs: Do not have a cool voice actor

    I am a simple man.

  • SquirrelAngell

    One is an actual godly creature that, even as enemies in death, gives us supreme power. The other looks like the simpsons version of the Arena fan -byazurabyazurabyazura!echoes-

  • BoiFrosty

    To be fair dragons literally are the children of Akatosh, also paarthanax actually overcame his demons and spent centuries making the world better.

  • Someguy098_

    Who the fuck is even upvoteing this trash? Parthurnaxx literally *betrays his own nature* to give ALL OF THE ENSLAVED a Weapon to defeat their Oppressors. He doesn’t even attempt to take Power when the Dragons are defeated. He attones for his Sins atop a Mountain by teaching the Grey Beards The Way of the Voice to ensure they can then teach others should the need arise again. The people of Tamriel are FREE BECAUSE OF PARTHURNAXX!

    The Thalmor willingly and openly desire to take over the World with a Fascist Regime. This is a shit argument and a shit take. This post has a “I’m 12 and this is deep” feel to it.

  • GerardoDeLaRiva

    People often overlook how well written Skyrim is that you can find in its deep lore reasons to support/despise almost every faction, so you must know that you all are right/wrong and are no good sides.

    Only cannonicaly 100% good character is M’aiq. You can trust M’aiq without any trace of doubt.

  • _Sanjak

    Paarthurnax is actually right about that. Dragons are indeed superior. only reason mortals won is because gods handed them a Dragonborn(who is also a dragon)

  • Acorn-Acorn

    I think he’s redeemed himself. Which is the difference.

    It’s because it’s been thousands of years and they’ve realized their mistake. While correcting and doing some good in the world to amend it.

    Literally helping save everyone potentially. The Dragons were going to kill a lot LOT more people again than he probably ever did.

  • aaron_adams

    No one likes arrogant self-important pricks. At least as a dragon, you have a reason to be arrogant. Elves are just dicks who think they’re better than everyone else.

  • WinterholdMage

    Paarthurnax was instrumental in saving humanity from Alduin and is also responsible for teaching mortals the Thu’um which forced Alduin forward in time. Skyrim takes place during that time where Alduin was sent and once again, Paarthurnax assists the mortals, this time the Dragonborn, in defeating Alduin once and for all.

    Paarthurnax is a dragon and it is intrinsic for them to want power. It is not something they are taught or have learned, it is an innate feature of their kind. Knowing this, Paarthurnax fled to the Throat of the World where he would be secluded and able to meditate.

    The Thalmor on the other hand are a bunch of power hungry bigots who attempt to suppress and eradicate any worship or mention of Talos, the divine god of Mankind. This isn’t an innate feature of High Elves, it is their culture. These two comparisons are not the same.

  • HellHound1986

    Last i checked playing the game the blades didn’t help you fight at the throat of the world, Paarthurnax did, if you kill him for people that didn’t even have the balls to stand with you against the world eater you are no better than a thalmor coward. Period, discussion over, Paarthurnax betrayed his entire race to fight the world eater, the blades did nothing but get in your way.

    What is better, to be born good, or to overcome your evil nature through great effort?

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