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Skylanders has the best element system, change my mind

Skylanders has the best element system, change my mind

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  • tmmzc85

    “Tech” and “Magic” seem dumb to me, although conceptually magic seems fine if it were once removed, like called “ether” or “mana” or something. Tech on the other hand is antithetical to magics, imo, and “magic” as a discreet category implies that the rest are not.
    Everything else is fine but, without context as to how they interact as a system, seems pretty derivative and uninspired.

  • thelegitpotato

    While I do enjoy Skylanders and appreciate this post, the elements system always seemed to be about selling more toys to gatekeep “secrets” rather than impactful gameplay/mechanics.

    I see others saying Pokèmon for is type system, but I find it too large. It is unbalanced at best and nonsensical at worst, though WolfeyVGC’s suggestions to rebalance the types have been interesting.

    I would personally say that the elements in Naruto’s magic system are well done. Clearly defined, each with the same number of strengths and weaknesses, and implemented with narrative effect immediately upon their explanation in Shippuden.

  • New-Necessary-5028

    I miss this game and my figures everyday. I used to play everyday and collect them all. I think I have 400 individual still in the package at my moms house with the games and the portals. Those days were the best especially the crystals and catching kaos and being able to play as him too. Giants we’re probably my favorite. But my go to was legendary trigger happy best character in the game.

  • jrobharing

    Never played it. My first thought was why have undeath and dark separate, but then I realized it’s a bunch of polar opposites, which is kind of neat. Reminds me of FFX but expanded upon.

    * Fire/Water
    * Earth/Air
    * Life/Undeath
    * Tech/Magic
    * Light/Dark

  • jumpmanzero

    My kids loved Skylanders when they were quite young.

    The linked toys premise was infinitely abusable… but they actually didn’t go all out on abusing it. You could have fun with a few Skylanders – you got 90% of the game with just the pack-ins – but you could also feel like you got value out of having more. The toys weren’t linked to a certain copy or version of the game, and they put in real effort to make older toys continue to work in new versions (even, like, the little mini ones you got in chip bags or whatever continued to do things in later games). Never had any problems with the hardware or things not connecting or registering (even with little kids, dirty toys, etc..)

    It worked well playing with parents and kids together. Difficulty scaled reasonably. There was a reasonable amount of variety in the game.

    They could probably have bilked people out of more money with a worse game – but they chose to make a good one that made a lot of kids happy.

    The elements being the best? That… I don’t know.

  • MrMashed

    Low key wanna replay sky landers now. My cousin was absolutely obsessed with them as kids and cause of that my mom got me and my sister sky landers and now that I’m older I’m only just now realizing how amazing that game truly was

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