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Siskel &Ebert Worst of 1996

Siskel &Ebert Worst of 1996

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  • s_y_s_t_e_m_i_c_

    Ebert has gotten so many movies terribly wrong.

    And not just wrong, but in his reviews he’d tear them apart.

    Only to come come around when everyone else changed their minds.

  • Mikethebest78

    These are a wonderful throwback to the old days. Agree or disagree the two of them at least had great chemistry and understood nuance which is not something you get nowadays when EVERYONE has an opinion.

  • tacitespinosa

    Damn, there’s some amazing movies on this list.

    * High School High

    * Jingle All the Way

    * Happy Gilmore

    That being said, I always like seeing *Cable Guy* get dunked on. That movie was promoted to hell and back, and we were all supposed to like it as the quintessential Jim Carrey movie. But it’s not; it’s creepy and unfunny.

  • gage0bas

    Jingle all the way – agree its garbage
    I never like getting away with murder (personally)

    Wow I forgot how many good flicks came out that year. And forgot how much they shitted on everything, most of which was for branding purposes.

    Ghost and the Darkness is so underrated.
    Joe’s apt is classic. (Your mama’s cooking so bad… I wont eat it!) Too many lines in that flick. Funky towel is a dope ass track

  • Sivy17

    I know some people like to bang on Siskel and Ebert for what they feel was them being out of touch with films that we call classics in hindsight, but I really admire them for being so broad with the kinds of movies that they would watch. I think modern fan culture has stifled how “movie critics” review movies now.

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