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Sick of seeing this screen in Plague Tale: Innocence

Sick of seeing this screen in Plague Tale: Innocence

(No spoilers) Although I’ve had it in my steam library for a while now, I’m finally playing the first Plague Tale. I’ve really enjoyed it, and even though I’m not a huge fan of kids in games, really like all the characters and really want to see their story through and get onto the sequel.

I’m in the final chapter and the tempo of the game has picked up, fitting with the urgency of the narrative. But despite only dying a couple of times throughout the rest of the game, I’m dying loads now. There’s a bit with a carriage that I think took me ten tries – not because it was especially hard but more because there was a very specific way to do it that didn’t give you time to think. Kinda Hotline Miami vibes.

I guess I’m posting this out of frustration, more than anything else. I like that the game doesn’t hand-hold and lets the inter-character dialogue inform of what to do. But I feel like it’s a little off in this last bit of the game and has stalled the games momentum and makes me want to walk away.

Anyone else had similar experiences? Maybe I’m just approaching this game wrong. Never had the same frustration with Souls-like games (well, except the final boss of Mortal Shell) but this one felt more of a story driven thing. Until the end.

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  • Castelante

    I soft-locked myself in the first twenty minutes of a Plague Tale: Innocence, spent the next two hours trying to make it to the next checkpoint, couldn’t, and dropped the game.

    Mild spoilers. >!I got stuck escorting your mom and brother through your families’ estate. The game made a checkpoint a few seconds before a guard caught me. I tried escaping, but inevitably one family member would be seen by the guard and we’d get killed.!<

  • Drezhar

    Didn’t you know what you were putting yourself into when getting this game? It’s a stealth survival game where you control characters that don’t have this huge fighting skills and will mostly have to rely on hiding and running away.

    Yeah, the game has some points that feel unfair and some others that might even low-key ruin a good chunk of gameplay for you, but that’s just how the game is.

  • DahnZaiver

    The carriage section and final boss are the two lowest points in the game and had me frustrated too. It gets a bit too “video gamey” there and ruins a pretty impressive game. If you can persevere it is doable once you get the timing down, and requiem as a whole isn’t half as frustrating as these segments either. You can do it.

  • ovlbo

    I remember the guy pushing the carriage across the bridge and you had to defend him. Youre right, it was the hardest part of the game. Its a great game tho, and the sequel has better character development and gameplay. Do what you need to to get to Requiem. I believe in you!

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