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Shit Kids Say [OC]

Shit Kids Say [OC]

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  • WhatACunningHam

    Reminds me of those Facebook posts you see in r/ThatHappened where parent marvels at their preadolescent child remarking on shit even the parents don’t understand.

    “Look at my kid criticizing the Fed raising rates another 25 basis points! And she’s only four years old!”

  • Dawakat

    One night as a kid I was up late with my mom and step brother just goofing off and things got kinda quiet for a bit and I just said out loud, “ all I can think about right now is a bottle of gin, a room in Las Vegas, and a girl named FeFe” and my mom looked me in the eyes trying to figure out where the hell that came from, told her it just came to my head and sounded funny

    For years she told me I would say the strangest shit, far stranger than my older brother and she never knew how to respond to me most of the time lol

  • Effective_Catch_5978

    Whoever the artist is I think your work is great and seeing it on the Instagram algorithm from time to time gives me a little bit more faith in it

  • handsome_vulpine

    I would also wish for no rules. He can’t even make a rule against no rules wishes coz the no rules wish removes that rule too

  • sidogg

    The true scholars among us know the correct first wish is for infinite genies, proving both infinite wishes and also more friends.

  • Shuriken_Dai

    I always thought it’d be easier to just wish for magical powers equaling the Genie’s own.

    That way you are powerful enough to do whatever you want. But you aren’t actually a Genie, so you won’t be bound to a lamp

  • Away-Plant-8989

    I love the arguments people make about genies. Only the big blue one in Disney’s Aladdin was bound by inalienable rules. All a genie really has to do is just be like, “no” to your wish. Like what are you going to do about it? Tell his genie boss?

    “Now wish for something tangible the point of my existence is to expose your hubris and enjoy your self inflicted torment. What’s that? You thought you’d get something good because you freed me? I’m a real genie bitch freeing me is more like solving a Lemarchand box”

  • Cristoff13

    The genie is extremely intelligent and has the ability to interpret the wishes as he sees fit. So he’d either simply deny the wish as falling under the “cannot wish for more wishes” clause. If you were lucky. If you were unlucky, he’d interpret the rule in some horribly twisted way.

  • DawnBringer01

    My mom tells me I was spelling words I wasn’t supposed to know at a really young age. It’s really not that far fetched that some children are just smart.

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