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Seven years on and I still think Tom Cruise was in the right

Seven years on and I still think Tom Cruise was in the right

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  • TheUKLibertarian

    I think he’s right because there are a lot of jerks and bullies out there and if there weren’t people like Cruise willing to call them out and embarrass them for their behavior there would be no check against their malicious ways.

    As crazy as Cruise has a reputation for being, he’s also got a reputation for being a *really* nice guy. Spending tons of time with his fans. Being friendly to everybody. Not to mention doing his own stunts just because he can.

  • stickerface

    I love stuff like this. The guy does it and immediately tries to walk away and hide, but Tom Cruise has none of it. He didn’t swear, he wasn’t aggressive, he just stated that he was being a jerk. Tom Cruise didn’t have to give him an interview – it’s a favour to the press at the event.

    EDIT: Yeah I get it, he’s doing the press a favour by talking to them and they’re doing him a favour by publicising the movie. The point is he handled it with class.

  • reallydude

    Am I the only one who finds it incredibly ridiculous that not only the interviewer but also three members of his tv crew were jailed on suspicion of assault? That you can’t go to jail when you’re rich and famous is one thing… but this is far worse. Geez, at least Mr. Cruise didn’t press charges, else they would’ve seen themselves in a death row cell.

  • [deleted]

    ‘This video contains content from Channel 4, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.’

    Weird, I’m in the UK.

  • coonNfriends

    the video says the camera man and interviewer found themselves in jail for assaulting tom, it may have been rude and kind of a stupid, not that funny prank but they don’t deserve to be arrested for this shit

  • Slack_Irritant

    I’m always torn between Tom Cruise. He’s done all these silly and embarrassing things in public but…go google Tom Cruise Rescues and there is more than just 1 story of Tom Cruise being a good man to strangers.

    And I guess most importantly, Scientology or not, the guy makes good movies consistently so what more can you ask of an actor?

  • Jazzspasm

    Blocked in the UK by Channel 4 – a UK company, with a program made in the UK, already aired on TV in the UK, because of copyright bullshit.

    And media companies wonder why pirating happens.

    Fuck you, Channel 4

  • [deleted]

    I don’t think there was a right or wrong in this situation. All i took from this was Tom Cruise takes himself far too seriously.

  • drmarado

    Tom Cruise should’ve laughed it off, IMO. But the youtubes comments are rich, “If he wasn’t on camera, he would’ve handled it differently.” O’rly? Do you know Tom Cruise? Does he call you at home?

  • mynameismufasa

    To be fair, the guy that squirted Tom Cruise WAS a jerk.

    Say what you will about Cruise and scientology. Cruise handled this situation like a decent person.

  • peon47

    I’m going to side against Cruise here.

    “Why is it funny?” You shouldn’t have to explain to someone why it’s funny, especially when that person themselves laughed when it happened. It’s *slapstick*, and why slapstick is funny is debated, even by academics. If I had been the reporter, I’d have answered with “I don’t know… why did you laugh?”

    He was laughing and smiling, until the guy tries to walk away (aren’t we’re supposed to do that during a conflict) and Cruise gets pissy, grabs his arm (which is also assault, if I’m not mistaken) and calls him a jerk. No-one’s allowed turn their back on him, apparently.

  • [deleted]

    I don’t know, the reporter looked close to tears by the end of it. It’s really all about context isn’t it? Everyone watches Punked and talks about how hilarious Ashton Kutcher is, and this is like 1% of a Punked prank. Being a celebrity really seems to be the key thing here. If normal people went around squirting normal people, it would seem like a short segment on Just For Laughs Gags. If a celebrity was doing it to normal people or other celebrities it would be hilarious. But a NORMIE daring to harm a celebrity? That’s down right embarrassing!

    To be clear, I don’t agree with the guy. If you’re some random reporter and you get an interview with a big star, respect him, but he wasn’t being a *jerk.* He probably just thought it’d set him apart from the rest of the pack, it doesn’t make him a *bad* person. Tom Cruise totally emasculated the guy and talked to him like he was four years old. The reporter probably got in tons of shit with his boss, so who knows how this affected his professional life too.

    It could have been a simple “Woah, I don’t appreciate that. I know it was supposed to be a prank but it was just kind of a dick move. Do you have any real questions?” The reporter was already running away with his tail between his legs, he knew he screwed up, but Tom Cruise grabbed his hand, and just sat him down for another minute to tell him what a bad person he was.

    Not a bad play on Cruise’s part at all, but not an AMAZING one. He was right to call the guy out, but it was actually painful to watch the guy cower.

  • RedditingtonIV

    Calling someone a jerk in sincerity can be a 100x more effective then calling them a name like “cock sucker” or “asshole.” At least its that way for me.

  • TortugaGrande

    After reading these comments, I’m pretty sure no matter what he did people would be absolutely *aghast* at his response.

  • MrJoz

    This is too late to make a dent but here goes either way. I was an extra on Rock of Ages for one day. It just so happens it was the day Tom Cruise was shooting his first “rock star” scene. We were there for about sixteen hours and on camera for about 1. While waiting in the blistering heat with a mullet wig on and black “rocker” clothes tom cruise rented out a whole ice cream truck for everyone. It sat there for hours hooking us up with tasty frozen treats(we’re talking choco tacos and strawberry shortcakes.. the good stufff). At the end of the night he came out and thanked everyone for an awesome shoot and an experience HE would never forget.
    It doesn’t end there, when we were all waiting to turn in our t shirts, wigs and what have you some personal assistants of his and staff from the production came around holding about 80 18 inch cheese and pepperoni pizzas or maybe even more. People walked away with whole pizzas.

    TL;DR was an extra on rock of ages, GG tom cruise personally thanked everyone plus gave us all choco tacos and pizza!

  • [deleted]

    Does anyone else sense something wrong with Tom Cruise? His emotional responses seem wooden and… wrong.

  • flyntdj

    Tom Cruise has no sense of humor. Way to be the bigger man Tom when attacked by a squirt gun. I love how he went on about it being incredibly “rude”… well isn’t jumping on Oprah’s couch kinda rude too?

  • LATerror

    I’m going out on a limb and saying tom cruise wasn’t in the right. He is an entertainer and his job is to entertain people but he has too large of an ego to appreciate someone trying to do the same if he was truly a good person that was comfortable with himself he would have wiped his face and said he never saw that coming and it was a good joke.

  • coheedcollapse

    Not saying Cruise was in the “wrong”, but this prank was performed on many other celebrities who took it in a much more jovial manner.

    It’s a segment on Balls of Steel where the group pranks celebrities by doing weird and awkward things. In another segment, a woman interviewer switches out the microphone for a dildo halfway through a question.

    Sure, he absolutely destroyed the prankster and handled it in a very mature manner, but I don’t know if a bit of water deserves such a stern lecture.

    Hell, I’ve had random kids shoot me with water pistols while I’m holding an expensive camera and I’ve laughed. I don’t know what reason anyone would have to react in such a serious manner aside from “I’m a celebrity and this is serious business, how dare you disrespect me?”

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