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Return to Monkey Island’s pre-order bonus is horse armor

Return to Monkey Island’s pre-order bonus is horse armor

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  • HomerNarr

    This is a typical monkey island joke.
    The first item that gamers could buy extra for a game they already owned was a horse armor. Created quite the outrage then.

  • xavierwest888

    Ah the classic ‘making fun of doing something while doing that exact same thing’ trope that is so often the failing of poor comedy.

    Making fun of gaming’s morally bad modern financial directions is a great idea, doing it as part of pushing a pre-purchase which is also generally a morally bad modern financial direction is not good.

    This is more on the lines of, “hahaha isn’t this such a terrible thing we are doing but because we are rolling our eyes while we do the terrible thing it’s okay because we are AWARE of how terrible we are being.”

    You want to do this right, you have to do something like have a dodgy pirate character in the game encourages the main character to give them all their money to buy a ship with wild promises of future treasure only to never deliver in the game. Now that’s funny and morally fine as it’s in game AND lore friendly as they are a pirate.

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