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Remember about two weeks ago when some dude criticized Starfield for being unable to land on ice & gas giants? Then the internet started poking fun at him. Well because of that, I think the devs had to make a little reminder for everyone.

(even though it’s common knowledge)

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  • KazeNilrem

    Gas giants makes sense but why not ice planets? Of course there are issues but point of gas giant is that well, all gas and then immense pressure. Ice planet depending on type would in theory allow landing.

  • Enorats

    There are plenty of useless tips like this.

    One I saw earlier said that ships over 80m in length cannot land on planets.

    Like, good to know. Course, it’s impossible to build a ship over 80m in length as the editor won’t allow it.. but hey, great tip.

    Unless they’re trying to imply that we can in fact build ships at orbital shipyards that are beyond those size limits and don’t require landing gear or landing bays? I mean, we SHOULD be able to.. though they’d be a very limited use in reality.

  • angrysunbird

    I need to read (or watch) more stuff on astronomy cause I didn’t even know ice giants were a thing!

    Edit: Uranus and Neptune! Every day is a learning experience!

  • reqdk

    They need one that says that space is also really fucking huge and most of it is empty. Literally watched someone yell at the supposed inaccurate size of the Earth when viewed from the moon, before he googled it and went “oh.. it really is that small”. Lol

  • Manoreded

    To be fair “ice giant” is a misleading name, it sounds like its made of ice, when in reality its a different type of gas giant.

    Also, its a scifi game, “landing” on a gas giant could mean landing on a platform built on its orbit, or built floating in the gas.

  • Cutiesaurs

    Because the gravity would kill you if you tried to land on one. Which would be impossible since gas giants don’t have any solid surfaces. And good luck landing on a planet similar to Venus you would only last a minute there

  • Ruby_241

    Of course you can Land on a Gas Giant!

    You’ll of course have to traverse the atmosphere and deal with the ever so increasing Gravity the closer you get to the Surface.

    Hope you have a strong enough Hull!

  • ZebraZealousideal944

    There’s actually a quest with the Crimson fleet when one NPC will educate you on what would happen if a ship tries to come close to a gas giant hahaha

  • Jhawk163

    My 2 favorite games for “Useless loading tips” are War Thunder and Far Cry Blood Dragon. Some examples:

    Do not stand near the bomb. Use your binoculars, they’re free. One wing is good, but 2 are better.

    Running is like walking, but faster. To kill the enemies faster, shoot more. Don’t die.

  • mythrilcrafter

    They should poke fun at those people by pulling a Yoko Taro and letting people try to “land” on gas giants and then playing a cutscene of the person’s ship blowing up mid-way down.

  • RejuvenationHoT

    Am I the only one petty enough to add “You can try, good luck, but you REALLY should not.”? And then enable the option, with prompt “Are you SURE you want to try landing on a GAS GIANT?” – accepting would just lead to death screen…?

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