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Red Alert 1v3 online multiplayer

Red Alert 1v3 online multiplayer

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  • LeVraiBleh

    Being one of the first RTS ever, I love how basically every banned and hardlocked strategy in every modern game is still possible, and game mastery actually revolves around how much you can abuse your way into victory.

    That being said I was surprised every memory I had of the mechanics of this game went right back to mind seeing the play evolve in these 14 minutes.

    Things you need to know to follow :
    – Allowed building perimeter is a zone around any building you own
    – The more you build factories, the quicker you produce. So more armories = more tanks per minute, and more HQ = more construction speed.
    – Game is very micro intensive since AI is antic, but Tesla Coils (the electrical towers) are very powerfull and fully automated (though they don’t attack buildings on their own)
    – Mammoth Tanks are the most powerfull tank in the game, period. No time to fuck around with “game balance”.

  • quietly41

    So in case anyone doesn’t get it, they’re building a ton of MCV (mobile construction vehicles) so that his buildings build very quickly, each one he deploys decreases their time to make buildings. This particular map also looks like it is made to be a 1v3, giving the 1 more ore to make money, to buy stuff.

  • __Hello_my_name_is__

    Let me be an RTS elitist here for a second and point out that any game where you can build 6 MCVs as your first factory units is a game where your opponent isn’t even trying.

  • LowTideHighLife

    so no one is going to mention everything building instantly or are we jsut going to ignore that while we talk about the game in a serious manner

  • longlive289s

    this was 100% not online. Very telling @4 min in. The RA ai had a bad habit of grouping its units and then selecting a single unit to attack…usually your ore miners.

    Those units that go by and ignore the mammoth tanks shooting at them are 100% ai move. use to cheese the shit outta knowing how the ai would act at certain moments

  • SomeBodybuilder7910

    Yeah, and? What’s your point?

    Why are you showing us this game content?

    I am sure there must be a point here somewhere? Or maybe you just felt like shitposting?

  • KeystrokeCowboy

    Yeah that’s why Starcraft is superior in MP. This is ridiculous. You need a worker to build a building so it’s not instant. So you really can’t use defensive buildings as an offensive army like this (shut up Protoss, you know what I mean and photon canon cheese still can’t do this)

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