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REACHER Season 2 – Official Trailer | Prime Video

REACHER Season 2 – Official Trailer | Prime Video

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  • StraightCaskStrength

    – wow… he must have **tren**ed really hard for this new season.
    – why does this look so much better than the marvels trailer?

  • Valvador

    Is the first season good? I think something about Tom Cruise playing the character in the movies turned me off from the concept at all…

  • konotiRedHand

    Anyone know which book it’s based on? I thought I read the right one but I didn’t see anything from the trailer I thought I’d read.

  • rosesareredviolets

    Man i get it. But after 5 or so books i get burnt out of these kind of series…. There are over 25! Holy shit! The show is much better for me to check out now a days.

    Reacher is a mans man. So manly men can read about other manly men doing man things. The bad guy is always a weak man that acts like a manly man like our hero. Solving crime, or finding treasure that he doesn’t want or need, sleeping with hot women, or not because he doesn’t want to because he gets to make that choice and a woman would just tie him down.

    Thats the whole genre of books. For me it started with Richard Blade. A super handsome and very smart manly man who had sex with lots of women and was like really good at everything he did. Once he saved a bunch of peoples lives after the train he was on derailed, while on his way to work at the top secret base under London.

  • biophazer242

    Can I just get a spin off season with Roscoe please. Nothing special. Just her doing stuff like laundry, washing her car, mowing the lawn and punching a guy in the face. I will just take a stand alone episode at this point. 🙂

  • AmarrHardin

    This may be just me, but watching this trailer (my first encounter with this show) and the main actor reminded me of Chris Pratt (albeit a very very beefed up Chris Pratt)

  • Coldspark824

    The first season was basically Reacher is a mary sue and always wins, always solves the mystery, and never gets hurt, except emotionally, sort of.

    There’s virtually no tension. He’s superman and sherlock holmes combined.

  • KokopelliOnABike

    Ok, I’m a Vet and learned how to salute day one. The funeral scene is killing me where 1 of 4 “veterans” is popping the salute correctly. Am I the only one?

  • rawker86

    I really enjoy the Reacher books, and the first season was solid, but i am going to chuckle when “the one attractive female character that Reacher will inevitably wind up fucking” appears.

  • LaconicSuffering

    This kind of feels like the movies with Tom Cruise. First one was fun to watch, the second was all about old squad mates, betrayal, someone being ten steps ahead, etc. Which was not as good as the first movie/season where it was all about a badass character passing through town and saving it.

    Time will tell. I really loved the first season.


    I canceled my Prime Video subscription since they started charging extra (per title) for access to the UHD version of movies and shows that are not Amazon originals.

  • JackFisherBooks

    Really enjoyed the first season of this show. I thought it perfectly captured the tone of the story and the character. It’s a great show to binge and I look forward to seeing how this season builds on it. 😊

  • an0nym0ose

    I watched the first episode on Prime, and it read like a fucking boomer power fantasy. It was honestly so bad I couldn’t get past it – does the rest of the season get better, or has Reddit just gone full copaganda worship?

    Highlights that I remember:

    – Dude goes on a rant about the constitution multiple times.
    – Does the “strong silent type who intimidates just with his stare until the plebs give up and let him have his way” trope like… three times. In one episode.

    – The only female is characterized by her no-nonsense attitude, which earns just enough respect from Reacher for him to actually speak to her. Insane sexual tension.

    – Reacher is perfectly suited for every single eventuality that comes up, vomiting exposition randomly and then going back to his stoic silent type bullshit.

    Just off memory. I could go back and watch it again, but I felt myself getting dumber with every minute that passed. It struck me as the kind of show that people who *loved* American Sniper would really enjoy.

    edit: I forgot about the fucking dog lmao, because of *course* there’s an abused dog that he has to heroically save.

  • dedzone2k

    I liked the tone of the show. It never got too heavy, but I wouldn’t call it light-hearted either.

    I would compare it to Justified in tone. I like shows that have this middle ground.

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