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Primal | Zombiedinosaurier | Adult Swim

Primal | Zombiedinosaurier | Adult Swim

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  • TheRealOcsiban

    Fucking love this show. Just discovered it and have finished season 1 so far. Can’t wait to watch more. I wish more people have heard of this.

    This episode was friggin wild

  • baconcheeseburgarian

    This is one of the 3 best shows on TV and nobody knows about it. Every episode is a masterclass in storytelling and there’s absolutely no dialogue. I’ve learned more about screenwriting from this show than any class, seminar or workshop could ever teach me.

  • AimeeM46

    This is an AMAZING episode! it manages to be scary (for a cartoon!), intense, unique and definitely heartbreaking all at the same time.

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