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pretty much sums up Microsoft right now

pretty much sums up Microsoft right now

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  • Middcore

    Budget is no obstacle to Microsoft buying Activision, the only obstacle is regulators blocking the merger, and the salaries of the people’s they’re laying off don’t come close to the amount of money it takes to acquire Activision anyway. This is extremely stupid.

  • helloWorld69696969

    What a lot of people refuse to understand, is that probably like 50% of employees at these massive tech companies do literally nothing for the company. The company is too big and has too much bureaucracy for most to actually get anything of value accomplished. I am a software engineer myself. And have seen it, at much smaller companies. Not to mention, i know a guy who has worked at Google for 10 years as a software engineer. And the guy hasnt had a single project go to production.

    Whether or not you want to believe it, most of those people probably werent needed or useful

  • ShutterBun

    Microsoft rotates out large numbers of employees fairly regularly. I’d bet a lot of those laid off will be rehired by other divisions of the company soon.

  • This_bot_hates_libs

    This is the dumbest take I have seen on this sub – Full fucking stop.

    Microsoft is laying employees off because markets don’t reward unlimited growth anymore. They care about profitability now.
    MS overhired over the last 3 years and is now cutting some slack.

  • frieguyrebe

    I have a question to the people saying they shouldnt do layoffs. Why should they hold on to people they feel they dont need? Just for the sake of keeping them?

  • serenehide

    I don’t know why there are so many people here defending a trillion dollar company. Like, guys, the company can defend itself if it wants…

  • ShadowTown0407

    Damn if those laid off employees can make up the capital for the Activision deal they were some amazingly paid employees

  • DoktahDoktah

    Step 1: fire employees to buy another company.

    Step 2: have that acquisition blocked by the government.

    Step 3: watch your company catch fire as you try to fix it with your pants down.

  • CloneEngineer

    Waiting for the day people point to Elon Musk / Twitter as first mover in tech layoffs. “Twitter cut 75% of their staff and everything still works? Maybe we should cut 10% and see what happens”

  • Hudds83

    Companies this size are always hiring and firing.

    Chances are that this is due to a service shutting down or merging some departments and not needing certain positions anymore.

  • khamelean

    OP clearly has significant experience running the 3rd most valuable company on earth. MS should definitely fire Satya and hire OP instead…

    What a fucking idiot.

  • ProjectNexon15

    People defending here a 2Trillion with a T company that wants to spend 70B on another company, but can’t afford those 10K employees.

  • wicktus

    That was made by a gamer that doesn’t realize just how big Microsoft is…Xbox and Activision are much smaller than Microsoft as a whole.

    MS can easily afford Activision without firing employees, restructuration, especially post covid-surge, are really standard for them, it’s shocking for us and I understand it tho, but frankly…purchase or not it would still happen.

  • JLeeT82

    So again, for those of you on the outside looking in.

    The majority of positions are contract positions that are rotated in and out all the time. This is what Microsoft has been doing ever since they lost defending themselves in court on Vizcaino V Microsoft, which started in 1992.

    So it is true that this “rotation” does take place.


    This 10k happening all at once is not a normal number, and therein lies the difference.

    As someone who has 15 years of industry experience and lives in their backyard, I can tell you through personal experience and anecdotal (contact) experience that this is a cleaning of house for a larger purpose – you could debate the purpose all you want but the timing is what makes it suspicious. I, and others like myself, are constantly bombarded by agencies who want us to work for 343 (for example) all the time, every year, for the same positions over and over, and that is the “normal.”

    Based on my experience, I’d say they’re cleaning house to reduce employee costs so they can hire other people for lower pay collectively, which will reduce how much they’re spending on their workforce, which will save them money to then spend towards Activision (this is just a guess), in conjunction with the timing that as of Jan 1st, Microsoft and 343 positions in Washington will be required by state law, to outright state the income ranges for each position they post a job for. This alone has caused a lot of stir in this area.

    So if you’re a fan of 343 or Bethesda, expect the upcoming products to suffer as a result of a massive changing of hands.

  • Silver_Weed

    What a misleading post. I’ve worked in a medium sized company as a back end developer and we hired a lot of guys during the pandemic. In fact too much that it’s unhealthy for the company even though profits are up.

  • NattLilly

    Strange how the working classes always see the cuts and not the absurd wages of management or ridiculous amounts of profit, huh?

  • Fullmetaljoob

    Yea try contacting Microsoft Support you get “Thank you come again” dont know shit reading from a script. LITERALLY THE WORST SUPPORT IVE EVER DEAL WITH

  • macKAttacK998

    If you didn’t see this coming over a year ago then you should put the controller down and try reading for a change. All tech firms are shedding workers and trimming operations atm. It’s less than 5% of their workforce, get over it.

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