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POV Working Breakfast at McDonald’s

POV Working Breakfast at McDonald’s

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  • Bebinn

    Can’t believe I watched that whole thing. It was strangely fascinating. I’ve never worked in fast food so I’ve never seen what goes on in the back.

  • Honda_TypeR

    This video brings back bad memories.

    I used to work at one of these places in the 90s on the grill side. During lunch rush hour it was insane keeping up. Sometimes I was only one on grill too.

  • Daftmunkey

    My anxiety went through the roof just watching this. Couldn’t handle the work myself, and always respected fast food workers for their hard work. For reference I do IT work.

  • Raemnant

    Wendys is way worse. No fancy holders for anything just a million ingrediants in front of you, and chicken at eye level. No extra team members to just hand stuff to in order to restock, you have to go get it yourself, unless someone is fortunately free, which doesnt usually happen. Cant just make stuff and throw it wherever you want, because the idiots bagging everything need to be babby sitted because everything confuses them and they wont know what is what, even if its labeled, they wont know where it goes without spending a minute trying to figure it out

  • erishun

    Oh man, that background “doot DOOT”… “doot DOOT” beeping, triggering some repressed PTSD lol. God I remember all this. Nice to know nothing has changed in like 15 years lol

  • drunkbanana

    Put in 3ish years in the back at McDonalds. Hated working breakfast compared to lunch/dinner.

    Maybe it was because i was usually hungover , but still.

  • FacelessFellow

    And that’s not even the part where you’re getting yelled at by customers and getting cold treatment from every manager who’s burned out from working there. The worst part is probably the scheduling. If they know you have no kids/wife/main job, they do funky stuff with your schedule. You definitely are NOT working 40 hours, but it will feel like it.

    I got paid 7.20ish per hour. I got a raise for like 5 cents.

    I don’t know why I did it, there were hundreds of job in that city and I had a car.

  • PoliceRobots

    This guy and his team work harder and communicate better then 90 percent of the “professionals” I work with.


    Side note: Thank you so much for posting these videos to give us an idea of what these people go through

  • Kingelman

    I’m so grateful I don’t have to work fast food anymore. This looks like the kind of thing that would have me stressin.

  • bratimskiz

    The dedication of this man to get you your burgers. This man needs an award! Saves me from all the days I was too tired to cook. I was always looking for something quick and this fits the bill. Glad to see there was some skill involved and there are still some people perfecting their trade

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