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Possessed By Paul James – There Will Be Nights When I Am Lonely [Alt Country] (2013)

Possessed By Paul James – There Will Be Nights When I Am Lonely [Alt Country] (2013)

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  • jbizzy1324

    I forgot about this dude. He wrote some great stuff a while back. You can find him on a pretty cool documentary called The Folk Singer by Slowboat Films too. Interesting individual for sure.

  • PhilvanceArt

    I’ve gotten to see him a few times now. He puts on some amazing shows and I just love to watch him play. I’m actually working on a painting of him. I started it almost 6 months ago but got busy with a lot of other projects that were paying so I had to put this aside for a bit. Hoping to finish soon and capture the madness.

  • Ol1arm

    Saw this guy multiple times in Austin when he started. Super solid guy, salt of the Earth good people. His more contemporary album As we go wondering is Grammy worthy, first ones are bluegrass/folk punk.
    See him live, the true and full experience!!!

  • ProofRevenue

    Kind of feel like if stations similar to KUTX were played more widely people would be a little more chill. I think folk is something that used to tie people and their shared experiences together. I could see someone playing this around the campfire after a long day of good work one hundred years ago just as easily as a Smokey and nasty but beloved bar these days.

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