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Pippi Longstocking takes off

Pippi Longstocking takes off

Pippi Longstocking takes off from funny

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  • fothergillfuckup

    If they are having to pedal anyway, I advise an actual rotor. If you move the dizzy ginger idiot, you’d have lot’s of room?

  • thisispannkaka

    I prefer the scene from the 60s 70s where they drive a car on konrads kalasklister and flies away by flapping her arms. Or rides a bike with no tyres.

  • GammaPhonic

    This is so fucking stupid. It’d strain credulity in a Looney Toons short. The fact that it’s live action is absolute madness and I love it.

  • The_Fortunate_Fool

    As a kid, this was magical! Shut up!

    Fun Fact: The one I grew up with was the 1988 “The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking”. My wife, who is the same age as me, grew up watching the 1973 “Pippi Longstocking”. We’d talk about the movie, but remember things differently until we looked them up.

  • jegerikkeher

    Is this…. is this an American remake of Pippi??? Because not only did we own the VHS of Pippi Langstrømpe drar til sjøs, which is the one where they build a plane, and it didn’t look like that, but the actors look nothing like they should and the song IS TERRIBLE.

  • pretty_gauche6

    As an autistic ginger girl child I identified SO HARD with pippi longstocking and watched this movie several times a week

  • PittsburghCar

    It’s 1978 and as I walk past the school gym on the way to my 2nd grade class, I see the gym floor covered with neatly arranged chairs facing the stage, a large, bright white screen is pulled down and a projector is aimed squarely at the screen. What greater joy than to find half of your school day would be filled with a movie ..maybe they’ll play Johnny Tremain again? Born Free? Ben….what did we have in store? When that beastly, and elegant pig-tailed red headed, freckle-faced beauty graced the screen…omg, I was in love.

  • MZ0079

    Listen guys, I don’t want to spoil your childhood memory, but I am pretty sure this is FAKE. There is no chance in hell, the actress who portrayed Pipi could rotate so fast for this ‘plane/helicopter’ to lift off. I’ve checked and the blades of an average small helicopter rotate 400-500RPM. Pipi turns significantly slower. Don’t be fooled!!!

  • Simple_Flounder

    I’m an engineer, and I have serious concerns about the aerodynamic properties and build quality of this particular aircraft. I’m am almost certain it isn’t CAA approved 🤔

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