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Pedro Pascal is killing it!

Pedro Pascal is killing it!

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  • VanZandtVS

    Pascal is probably my favorite newish actor.

    He killed it in the Mandalorian and he was the only good part of Wonder Woman 1984.

    Dude’s got so much range.

    Edited to add other roles he’s killed:

    Oberyn Martell, Game of Thrones.

    Javier Peña, Narcos.

    Javi Gutierrez, Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent.

    Bunch of other roles, and he even had a part in S4 E1 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer back in ’99, so I guess he’s not that new.

  • Vwhat5k

    Every time I see his face I think to myself “God damn it why didn’t you just finish the mountain when you had the chance you beautiful bastard.” That first episode was great, easily the best adaptation I’ve ever seen.

  • ToyDingo

    This is exactly what an adaptation is supposed to be. It follows the source material very closely but changes barely enough to make it “different’.

    They didn’t rewrite the story. They didn’t change the characters personality. They didn’t try to shoehorn some stupid political message in there (outside of any message already present in the game). The literally just took the source material and made it a live show. That’s it.

    Why is that so damn hard for studios to figure out?

  • getyourcheftogether

    Costume design, set design, casting, makeup, lighting, and a shit load of cash helps. Tons of effort beyond the famous faces

  • Telemere125

    For anyone that’s played the games and is watching the show: can I watch the show and not ruin the game? Just got a ps4 and was planning on buying LOU 1 & 2; would really like to watch the show but I’ll hold off if it’s going to ruin the games for me

  • RadSkeleton808

    I walked in going “huh he doesn’t feel like Joel at all to me.” By the end of the episode I 95% was sold. Just want him to grow the full beard (if he can).

  • Grynz

    Unfortunately I’ve never played the game, but I’m thoroughly enjoying the first episode of the show. Not knowing the game may be a benefit here.

  • sandalcade

    Okay. I don’t play games and I’m coming from /r/all. I’ve scrolled down and only saw references to “the game”. I feel like that Chris Pratt meme at this point, but I’ll pluck up the courage to ask.

    What game/show is this?

  • Mr_nudge89

    It was the car scene trying to get through the town that got me, it was spot on to the game, the camera was even in the same place

  • RigasTelRuun

    The director, the designers, the writers, the costimers, the DoP all played a part. Especially is a shot compared to a screenshots where Pedro is just standing there.

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