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Peak ’80s production, and what a voice: Laura (not Zapp) Brannigan belts out “Gloria”

Peak ’80s production, and what a voice: Laura (not Zapp) Brannigan belts out “Gloria”

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  • LiLLyLoVER7176

    I had a 45 of this as a child, and I used to play it for hours on my little blue & white record player. This unlocked a great memory for me, thanks for sharing!

  • DickweedMcGee

    Huh. For so long I thought the song was a ballad about two people: *Gloria* & *Elliot*. And I couldn’t figure out what the relationship was between *Gloria* , *Elliot* were. We’re they a couple? Didn’t sound like it…and did they pick *Elliot* because of the recent success of E.T.? Seemed pretty unimaginative.

    Now I can clearly hear the I missheard *Alias* as *Elliot* and the song make so much more sense, not that there’s a lot to the song anyway….

  • TimskiTimski

    Everytime I hear this song I feel like putting on my red MAGA hat or Bison horned fur hat and then kicking the shit out of a capital policeman.

  • cityofninegates

    I had a little tear watching this. Loved this song as a kid and it’s so special that this woman (or any artist) did something g unique that will echo down the ages for so many even now that she’s gone.

    We’re not here for long, each of us, so it’s truly amazing when you can touch people like this across time, even just a little.

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