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Pawn Stars – Without the Fluff. I like removing fluff from shows, so here is a show in 5 and a half minutes.

Pawn Stars – Without the Fluff. I like removing fluff from shows, so here is a show in 5 and a half minutes.

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  • PileOfLeafLitter

    This is awesome. My dad and I bet on an nfl game once and I had to record it to watch later. I fast forwarded everything but the action and it took like 10 minutes to watch the entire game. I haven’t really watched much football since.

    Deal or no deal was bad at this too. It was a 30 second game spread out to one hour. Soooo much fluff. Here comes a phone call, so much drama, the shadowy lady on the other end is upset.

    I would enjoy an entire series of this. See which shows are the worst.

  • TheBadBull

    Nice, it was so refreshing to see it go from asking price to expert arrival in such a short time. How long do you guess that would typically take in a normal episode?

  • Oracle_of_Knowledge

    To be frank, this is part of the reason I like Reaction channels. Like I recently “rewatched” all of Lost in about 40 hours instead of its total runtime of 90 hours. I got all the main story beats with most of the fluff removed, with a bonus of watching someone react to it for the first time, which is about as close as one can get to re-experiencing it for the first time themselves.

    Same thing with reactions to movies. I get to watch a movie in 40 minutes instead of 2 hrs.

    I started watching the old Highlander series, and I really need one of these fluff removed cuts. Half of every episode is b-roll footage with music playing over it.

  • meho7

    You have to wonder what kind of a show we’d have gotten if the pilot for HBO was greenlight. Probably lots of night time NSFW scenes

  • BaconReceptacle

    Do this with all those unsolved murder shows. You could take a multi-episode mystery down to:

    She was murdered and left in this field

    This guy was a suspect but his alibi was good

    This guy was a known killer but he had already moved away at the time

    It was the boyfriend the whole time. He went to prison for life.

  • primus202

    This is one of the many reasons I can’t watch reality TV. SOOO much fluff, especially before and after every ad break.

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