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Paul McCartney talks about punk music – 1977

Paul McCartney talks about punk music – 1977

Paul McCartney talks about punk music – 1977
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  • aShittierShitTier4u

    He would disguise himself in fancy dress to attend concerts incognito. So he was probably gobbing at the damned from the mosh pit like the rest of them.

  • hammerheadsmark

    When I was a young Beatles fan, Lennon had the mystique, but even back then I kinda knew that Paul was the authentic one. Great clip, thanks for sharing. I love how he passes the credit of influence to other bands while it was this “silly love songs” guy that took it to another level with Helter Skelter.

  • North_South_Side

    The funny thing is how conservative most of the punk movement became.

    They started out doing their own thing and thumbing their noses at other stuff. The Sex Pistols were a literal joke, started as a concept band by some outrageous fashionistas. *Nothing wrong with that!* The famous “Fuck Pink Floyd” shirt was a joke, a conceptual thing, as if those guys weren’t getting stoned and listening to Pink Floyd once in a while just like all their other friends were.

    But punk fans started taking it all very, very seriously.

    More and more, the particular punk ethos and look, dress, hairstyles and attitudes were copied by more and more bands and people… soon, any song longer than three minutes was “garbage” and any other style of music was deemed as trash by the same “movement” that was all about being left alone and doing their own thing. You simply had to look and sound a certain way or you were “out” and “wrong” and — !gasp! — “uncool”.

    The punk ethos became more and more lock-step, where you were expected to look and sound a very certain way or else you sucked. Anything “out of acceptable bounds” was reviled and ridiculed. That’s the very concept of conservatism.

    This is a general observation, and certainly there are and were exceptions to what I’m laying out here.

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