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One of my isometric dnd battlemaps – Deep Dungeon [68×53]

One of my isometric dnd battlemaps – Deep Dungeon [68×53]

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  • alexdrummond

    I am figuring out what to do with the **skull puzzle** in this map, but if you have any ideas i’d love to hear them, I was thinking they have to activate the skull wall in a particular order, and i can make the skulls glow when they get it right. I will then open a portal to the next level of the dungeon.

    My life is drawing and sketching little dungeons and encounter areas.

    This map can connect with my other dungeon maps so you can make a big mega dungeon. My current players are 20 levels deep. I started Epic isometric about 6 years ago.

  • KatrinChi0

    Skulls can be sarcophagi for enemies. When the skull splits, the enemy is released. Or they can turn into golems and attack after the hero passes the mark.

  • KoopaFroopa

    This multi-leveled design gives me moving staircase vibes. Not sure if it fits in the aesthetic you’re going for, but maybe after pressing certain skulls the floor plan changes

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