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One of my favourite performances in any video game ever. Such an interesting portrayal

One of my favourite performances in any video game ever. Such an interesting portrayal

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  • karard109

    To me, it’s kinda disappointing. His first appearance and words reminded me about that mafia guy first appearance in gta 5. All those stories in the previous game are kinda let down in this game. Nothing manacing or threatening about his performance.

  • Keylime15

    I found it interesting, he doesn’t need a physically imposing form like the others, he clearly has mastery over several magical disciplines and just demands respect. Like this is a guy that has seen some shit and possesses insane knowledge, a guy who’s good at bending others to his will. Probably among my favorite contemporary takes of Odin.

  • calangodragon

    Odin as a smooth talker manipulator was just, awesome, even more in a series where the ‘final boss’ is always some hammy brute, like Zeus or Ares.

  • morgoth834

    It was a somewhat interesting decision. The problem is it doesn’t make him particularly imposing and so the final boss fight is just very underwhelming. There isn’t really any sense of danger. And his “roar” of anger came across as rather pathetic.

  • TwistQc

    >!Honestly, during the middle parts of the game, I actually started to wonder if the game was going to have a plot twist with Odin not actually being that bad a guy, and the rift and whatever was beyond it would turn out to be the big bad or whatever… Of course, then you realise he really was the bad guy all along, and you’re like “well, duh!”, but it really shows you how great a manipulator he was.!<

  • VergilVDante

    100% with you like his way of interacting with Atreus was so convincing I almost believe he is good but misunderstood then started to doubt that with the way he treated thor then THE REVEAL , Kratos : you see that bald guy Boi Fuck him


    He talks and behaves like a Sopranos character, not what a i expected from someone who gave an eye in exchange of wisdom…but an interesting take for sure.

  • frostybrewer

    If a screenshot like this is posted it should be a rule that the game name needs to be in the post too so people can look up the game and not have to worry about finding spoilers in the comments.

  • ChickenGuzman

    I wasn’t feeling this portrayal at the beginning, but I really grew to appreciate the character as I progressed through the story. Really had me questioning whether he was actually that bad for a little while there.

  • emperorofvenus05

    Yes this actually matches the mythology pretty closely too. He was never described as a warrior, more of a wise, old, knowledgeable manipulator.

  • insightful_monkey

    Man I’m so sick of this sub not requiring a mention of the game in the title or as a tag. Why do I have to go through comments to know the game? In this case not one comment mentions what this game is.

  • ArchDucky

    When he first shows up and its mo-capped and you see him control the fucking room. Yeah, he was great. The other appearances I have seen after that it doesn’t seemed mo-capped and its just an audio performance. Not nearly as good.

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