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On this day, 10 years ago PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale was released.

On this day, 10 years ago PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale was released.

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  • ByrgenwerthAlumni

    To this day, I stand by the fact that PSASBR was a better starting point for a party fighting game than Super Smash Bros. on N64. If Sony had stuck with it, it would have become a staple franchise.

    The dev team could have ironed out the problems in the second game and the late PS3 and PS4 generation only would have served to give more interesting characters to the game.

    RIP PSASBR. I love you.

  • maximumderek1

    Cool aspect of this game was “cross-buy” which let you purchase it on PS3 and get it for free on Vita. Spent a lot of time playing it on both platforms, and using my Vita as a controller when friends would come over to play it on PS3

  • Rutegger

    I really wanted to like this game, but it just made me want to play Smash Bros. It just wasn’t fun, and having to use special moves to kill people felt off.

  • GravesForscythe

    Everytime I see an article about Destruction Allstars pop up, I’m like “Oh shit really? Oh God dammit…” always think it’s some new article about this awesome game coming back.

  • AtoSaibot

    Maaaan, me and my friends were so disappointed when this came out. We all bought it on release and we had the mindset that it was going to be like smash bros.

  • Problematique_

    I honestly really liked this game. It needed more content and the roster was lacking but it was fun. It gets blown out of the water by Ultimate but you need to remember the newest Smash game at the time was Brawl.

  • silver2k5

    I hated this game. Maybe I missed something, but the fact that there were no edges for ring out other than up top and all you were meant to do was build your ultimate bar to get an instant KO left a bad taste in my mouth.

  • Super_Sayen067

    I think the whole “build your special move meter” was genious and I actually wish smash had the option. It remove steal kill from gameplay with time and issues that comes with stock based battles as well!

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