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On a door in my apartment complex. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m pretty sure Jesus doesn’t care if you celebrate Halloween.

On a door in my apartment complex. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m pretty sure Jesus doesn’t care if you celebrate Halloween.

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  • aecarol1

    As someone who adores Halloween, I’m not sure why anybody would get upset about this. They are just saying they don’t celebrate Halloween, they are not saying anything negative about it, or people who do celebrate. And BTW, their friend loves you. About as positive as such a message can be.

    Leave them alone and enjoy yourself.

  • banggugyangu

    The hipocrisy of this post is baffling. The reason many Christians don’t celebrate Halloween is due to it being an assimilated Feast of Samhain from Celtic origins. During the romanisation of the British isles, the Catholic Church assimilated it, and took to mockery of it, as a means of attempting to convert those from the pagan beliefs of Scotland and Ireland. The whole “trick or treat” thing stems from the feast of Samhain and the belief that if you didn’t leave gifts and food out on your doorstep for your dead loved ones that have come back, they would curse your home.

    Belittling and chastising someone for upholding their own beliefs just because they go against your own is quite literally the exact same thing as what you’re trying to accuse the people who put this note on their door. The difference is, this note in no way speaks ill of or condemns anyone celebrating Halloween. I don’t care what you believe, but stop trying to demonize others for what they believe.

  • piptheunholy

    A lot of people projecting what they think the note means including OP. No where on that note does it say Jesus doesn’t like Halloween nor care if you celebrate it.

  • NoDatabase3364

    So what!?? They don’t celebrate Halloween. It’s their right to make that choice. Just like it’s your right to celebrate it

  • Substantial-Fee-686

    This post definitely seems like someone complaining to complain.

    I’d rather a note like this than people putting religious tracts and Trump stickers in the trick or treat bags.

  • Torewin

    This looks to be two separate messages. One is saying they don’t celebrate Halloween.

    The other one is their opinion for the same people looking at the first message to try and trick or treat.

    Doesn’t seem like an issue.

  • zumera

    My family also never celebrated Halloween (my parents are non-Western immigrants). We’d hand out candy when we could, but there was no dressing up in costumes or trick-or-treating.

    A few years after they first moved to the US, my parents put up a sign similar to this on our apartment door. It said something fairly innoucious like, “No trick-or-treaters, please,” or “We don’t celebrate Halloween.” It was a tiny place in a complex–there was no light to turn out to indicate we weren’t handing out candy that year. I was young, but I have a very clear memory of that night because some older kids ripped up the sign and then spent a good minute or so kicking and hammering at the door. It was covered with muddy marks when they left.

    After that, my parents never put up a sign, and when we didn’t have candy to hand out, they’d just ignore the knocking. But it always makes me sad to think about how a polite note was met with such unnecessary anger–from kids! There was always so much pressure for my parents to immediately conform to their new country and its culture and that pressure extended all the way to events like Halloween, which should be fun, without any compulsion behind them.

  • pikkdogs

    I go to a fairly Conservative Christian Church, and yeah, some people take it very seriously. One guy is like “you shouldn’t even have any party near halloween because people will treat it as a Halloween party and that just celebrates the Devil.” Other people just see the death stuff and they just think of hell and how they think people are celebrating hell and the Devil.

    But Romans 14:6 says that its not important if you celebrate holidays or not, just that you do it for the lord in whatever you do or not do. So, if you have a party and handout candy to spread love to kids, that would be doing some good work for the Lord.

    I also don’t think you can accidentally worship Satan, just like you can’t accidentally be a Christian.

    But, I probably know more people in my church who think Halloween is from the devil then they think is innocent.

  • sealilymarron2

    I’m not religious but I just have to say I feel like Jesus would like Halloween. You give gifts to strangers. You set aside your differences for a night and meet your neighbors. I don’t think any of the little dinosaurs or princesses I saw running around last night were devil worshipping. Yes, there’s a bit much consumerism but not as bad as Christmas….

  • Prof_squawkencluck

    Try having it be your birthday. You have an 8th grade substitute teacher; they make small talk with you one day and asks your birthday – proceeds to back up a bit and apologize to me for being born on the devils’ holiday and he promised me he’d pray for my soul.

    I’m 41 now, you’d be surprised how often these situations present themselves, even in the present day.

  • Goobaroo

    We got a letter from our catholic school board telling us that Halloween is a catholic holiday.

    > Many schools will be hosting a variety of Halloween events including developing a fun-filled atmosphere by dressing up in costumes on October 31. As we approach Halloween and the Feast Days of All Saints Day on November 1 and All Souls Day on November 2, it is important to remember its Christian roots. “All Hallows’ Eve” is where the name of Halloween comes from. A hallowed person is another name for a ‘saint’. October 31, All Hallows’ Eve then, is the eve of All Saints Day. Therefore, in choosing to celebrate Halloween it is important to remember its Christian origins.

  • Licklack

    My grandma, dead center catholic, “Putting a smile on a kids face, is the greatest gift of all.” We where the house that gave full size candy bars. Or 2 fun sized once we were out. 🙂

  • Glittering_Offer_587

    Why does everyone assume they mean Jesus (Christ), it very well could be Jesús (Martinez) the landscaper who’s gotta be up at 3:00am.

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