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oh no, anyway

oh no, anyway

oh no, anyway from gaming

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  • truegaminggamer

    Anybody that plays this game at all money or not is still supporting this game and that makes you part of the problem

  • Teleskopy

    These streamers spending a shitload of cash to ‘prove a point’ are so silly. They are making zero difference.

  • notinsideyourwebcam

    I kind of get the point he is making, but the problem is that systems like these take advantage of people who are easily hooked by the system. This means that regardless of whether or not they understood the point doesn’t mean they are all of a sudden going to drop it.

  • danielfletcher

    With how much this story has gotten around, it is quite likely that more than $15,000 worth of people were educated on the game that would have played and paid otherwise.

  • 2HourCoffeeBreak

    Players who hate p2w watch the whales who do the shit that players hate, the whales make more money off of views and use it to p2w. Blizz knew what they were doing.

  • FabledTrick

    Worth noting that he spent $15,000 to get said item. Doing the stream and then destroying said item is if anything a good way to draw attention for the streamer and also put a spotlight on the shitty loot boxes.

    Note this isn’t CS where your aiming to get a cosmetic knife. This is paying to gamble at the chance you might be able to progress.

  • ItsJustAnOpinion_Man

    Streamer smart. People giving money to streamers stupid. Literally just throwing away your money in front of you.

  • 0n0n-o

    To be fair to this guy I have previously read he is planning on using his footage to prove to NZ authorities that this is gambling and to have them ban loot boxes.

    Also it’s a massive add for his stream every single week, I have never watched any of his streams or heard of him before immortal but even I know his name by now.

  • d0rsets

    the guys gonna make atleast 30k back though. the amount of attention its gotten him is going to cause a huge increase in viewers and followers/subscribers

  • BobRawrley

    You all are missing the point – he did this for publicity. And all these posts saying how dumb he is have been giving it to him. He paid $15K for publicity, and it’s working.

  • J-Dabbleyou

    Y’all are taking the bait so hard. He’s a popular streamer, the video and donations will cover the cost of the “gem”, and he can make other videos off it, reactions, etc. This is the digital version of the old videos of people buying an iPhone to break it, spoiler, they still made money lol

  • Crash4654

    People calling him an idiot are kind of missing the point. On the very surface level it seems redundant but what he did was bring tangible concrete proof of the shittiness of the situation to light and make it visible. It’s one thing to “know” and understand that pay 2 win is bad. It’s an entirely different entity to see the extent of how bad it is.

    A wild fire is bad, we all know this, but until you see the miles upon miles of devastation it brings then you don’t fully feel and understand just how terrible it is.

    By doing and recording the extent of the gambling mechanics in their entirety he’s giving people actual content that can be used, recorded, observed, and presented to address this issue.

  • TappedIn2111

    Doesn’t Quin69 send shit to the government to push against these practices in gaming. I think he does make a difference. Does he get views for it? Certainly. But might he make a difference via visibility? Probably too.

  • silgado106

    I keep seeing this posted and I feel most people misunderstand what’s going on. These streamers are making a crapton of money due to the controversy surrounding DI. That’s it, that’s their entire goal. It doesn’t matter if they feel Blizzard practices are anti-consumer or what have you. They are making money off of views and clicks. They, similarly to Blizzard, do not give a crap about consumers.

  • Henkier

    These articles are so stupid, he didn’t do it “in protest”, he did it for the content. He was getting twice his average viewership, which is already high as hell.

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