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Official Poster for ‘Smile’

Official Poster for ‘Smile’

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  • ifinallyreallyreddit

    If the title wasn’t there I genuinely wouldn’t know what it was. It could just as well be called SPEEDO.

  • Shivshanks

    Nice I just saw this trailer.
    really looking forward to a good horror flick, although I’m still not going to go to the theater but I’ll rent it when it comes out on streaming.

  • a_half_eaten_twinky

    This film is getting a lot of exposure here, and I normally love horror films that get weird, but when the trailer played in the theater, I couldn’t help but laugh. It doesn’t look promising and I don’t know what the hype is about.

  • Prior-Map-7992

    Just saw the trailer and liked it until I saw that they nabbed the 7 day timescale from The Ring, just with a different way in which people die.

    It may be creepier or whatever, but once I saw that I was put off right away.

  • VampireHunterAlex

    Im sure its been said before, but 100% the final frame of the film is going to be someone smiling, or at least a close-up of a face.

  • Mezxv

    Worth checking the trailer for the final scare, imo. Might be the biggest scare in the whole movie they placed in the trailer to try to sell people on watching it.

  • lcepak

    In the theatres it had just the short clip of the lead character walking by the man in the hospital room and he was just smiling and it was completely unnerving, even with the black phone movie trailer having the same exact concept for a cliff-hanger freak out trailer, the smile one really stuck with me, I got goosebumps thinking about it on the way home from top gun. And then the full trailer released this morning and I watched it! I lost almost all interest in seeing it because they gave away practically the entire movie as well as had the guy from the extremely creepy theatre trailer talk and simply say, “you’re going to die”.

  • dawn_jelly

    The way that the edges of the red curl over on top of the white border, creating a 3D effect, is a really simple way to elevate a poster into something distinctive. I like this one a lot.

  • Hydrag_2

    To those who have seen it in theatres already, for which movie did they already show this trailer in cinemas? Black Phone?

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