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[OC] One of the oldest forms of betrayal.

[OC] One of the oldest forms of betrayal.

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  • killingspeerx

    Regarding the OC, actually my cousin made it and sent it to me on Whatsapp that’s why the quality is bad but it was too relatable not to share.

  • Pradfanne

    A TV this flat and wired controllers?

    Well, maybe if you’re retro gaming

    We once played Mario kart with 3 players and my niece got a fourth controller with empty battery. She thought she played the camera in the bottom right lmao

    We also once played Mario Kart with 6 players, my niece and her friend both thought they were the same character so the gig was up

  • BlueMikeStu

    This is why Super Mario Galaxy was so awesome. I did the platforming stuff and the hard bits, my lil bro (who was 5) handled getting the star bits, etc.

  • Dilldan22

    Did this to my brother on crash bandicoot, told him he could play as the mask that follows you. He bought it for a few years, and tbh it was kind of sad for us both when he figured it out because we had both had a lot of fun despite the fact he wasn’t actually playing. And we didn’t have access to any real co op games at that time, just a couple of Vs games that I would always win on.

  • Sighwtfman

    I helped raise my nephews.

    My brother would come over and we would play games and let my older nephew ‘play’ with us. His controller was disconnected.

    I fessed up and told him ~5 years later. So he was ~5 when I did it and 10 when I told him.

    He didn’t take it well.

    My fuck up though wasn’t doing it. It was telling him. He would have forgot all about it soon enough. Maybe he already had if I hadn’t of brought it back up. And seriously. Apparently playing with us was a treasured memory or something and I shit all over it. I feel awful now.

  • ThatOneJackwagon

    I remember I let my daughter play fortnight (she was 5 or 6 at the time), and I got up to grab a drink or something, and when I came back I was amazed. She was getting headshots and no-scoping fools like it was nobodys business. Took me way too long to realize she had died and we were watching another players screen.

  • GalacticShoestring

    This was done to me when I wanted to play Super Mario World.

    I got older and was finally able to play it myself, and what a joy that game was!

  • CmonTouchIt

    When I learned my brother did this to me I VOWED I would beat his ass up and down the block at every video game til we die

    And dontcha know it, that’s exactly what’s happening (fuck you Aaron I’ll never forget biiiitch)

  • Brush0421

    i gave my 5 year old cousin a controller with no batteries the other day, and he turned it over pointing at the empty spot where the battery pack would be and saying “it no work”. guess this won’t work anymore huh

  • omidhhh

    I bought a Nintendo switch for my little brother and I witnessed him doing the exact thing to my little sister ( they are 7 and 5 years old )

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