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[OC] It gets worse and worse the more you read it

[OC] It gets worse and worse the more you read it

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  • nuniabidness

    Horse placenta and fish collagen that you *eat* 🤢….for…. what? Wtf? Someone please ELI5. Edit: from the website:

    “Prevent the passing years from fading away your beauty with the powerful synergy of Japan’s most famous anti-aging & whitening ingredients.”

    “Get whiter & younger-looking skin”

    I understand pale skin is a thing of beauty there, but I’m done with internet for today.

  • kiddow

    You eat Gummibears or other wine gums. Most of them are made of animal bone or animal hide. More precisely the layer between the fur/skin and the flesh.

    From pig, cattle, even from fish.

    It’s called gelatine.

    There are alternatives made for example from algae.

    And for the horse placenta. It’s processed beyond recognition.

    We eat stuff that is a lot more gross. Chicken McNuggets. Shredded bones, skin, brains and other animal parts squeezed in different forms and shapes.

  • mountain-bean

    Yeah I had classmates in Japan make fun of me because I was too tan. They’d compare me to the baseball guys. I also had roommates taking ‘whitening’ pills everyday. Also had teammates wear long sleeves and leggings while practicing sports in the 90 degree weather. It’s insane.

  • sumbasicbish

    Isn’t that like the stuff Jennifer Aniston winks about on the commercials as she pours heaping spoonfuls of it in her coffee?

  • 0OOO00000OO00O0O0OOO

    There are huge amounts of products to be browner so I don’t think we need to put to much weight in to this. Skin color is not only about race its about fashion. Lots of people born white sunbathe to become brown because it looks good. So it wood make sense if some people want to be whiter as well.

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