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[OC] I made posters for the Metro games. Which game in the serie is your favourite?

[OC] I made posters for the Metro games. Which game in the serie is your favourite?

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  • digimeng

    If you are interested to more of them don’t forget to check my instagram page/@digimeng. Also which other games do you want to see in this poster style?

  • KrazyKellz-9900

    The first 2 are good, I tried playing the last but they ruined the button layout and I didn’t feel like mapping all the buttons.

  • fatcatbiohaz

    I really enjoyed Exodus: the journey, companion bonds, seeing other locations, the quiet moments just told a complete story. It really helps that Exodus was really optimized, kinda ran better than 2033 or Last Light inspite being on the same machine.

  • Evenfall

    If I am recalling correctly one of the head animators for these games died fighting against Russia in Ukraine a month or two back. Made me want to replay them all again. Last light was good, Exodus has a soft spot in my heart though because of when I played it.

  • Juggernaut7654

    Exodus – Huge fan of all of these games and last light has my favorite campaign, but the technological upgrade really makes a difference. The graphics are nicer, yeah, but the games always looked nice. The audio design is really the game changer for me. Every trigger pull is a damn pleasure.

  • AppropriateTax8004

    Got good ending on all, and have done 0human kills if possible runs favorite series, the atmosphere is great in all, the conversations you hear, the fights, the option to be a decent person in an apocalypse. Exodus for gameplay last light for story 2033 for a wonderful telling of a good book.

  • ChuckWallace987

    The first one. Not amazing from a gameplay perspective but perhaps some of the best atmosphere in gaming. Just the general pessimism and despair from the characters really made it stand out. Only thing I didn’t like was the whole supernatural element that gets added late into the game (unless I’m thinking about the sequel).

  • do-You-Like-Pasta

    These look really nice, but if you removed the text I’d have absolutely no clue what games they were supposed to represent

  • petuniachalice

    The first metro is like the matrix to me. It’s a perfect standalone game. You are never anywhere too long, everything feels tight, few loose ends. There’s the perfect amount of ambiguity with your actions and the narration so you wonder if you are doing the right thing. My biggest problem with last light is that it throws out the ambiguity in the first hour, I understand there is a reason for this (mainly the books do imply the dark ones are trying to help humanity) but as a video game I felt that was a mistake. Last light does a good job expanding on society in metros universe though. The walk through of the fascist station, showing the rangers at full strength and more exploring of the outside world felt nice. Exodus was incredible, my only complaint with it is some of the characters relationships with artyom feel off or strange due to the lack of dialogue from artyom. It’s missing the claustrophobia induced fight or flight tension that the other games possess (with the exception of yamantau) but replaces it with a more mad max feeling of empty despair if that makes sense.

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