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[OC] Hear Me Roar.

[OC] Hear Me Roar.

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  • Competition-Decent

    more unwanted children for the prisons and military.

    if they’re loved, they won’t commit crimes and if they’re supported, they won’t need to join the army.

  • fitzroy95

    “Pro-life” is only until the child is born, after that they never did give a shit. Education, healthcare, welfare, the “pro-life” mob are against all of it, and actively cut it whenever they are able to.

    And even for the unborn, they aren’t interested in providing any kind of support, healthcare for the pregnant etc. They’re all in favor of other people suffering, until it affects them personally, then suddenly they turn into total hypocrites.

  • ArdinOkira

    We do actually care if you die, nobody pro-life doesn’t care. We want both the woman and child to live if at all possible. Even the states that are putting out bans are including life of mother exceptions and some even already have rape exceptions.

    It being a state issue means the people have more control now of what happens right where they are. That’s why voting when it comes for who is going to represent you is so important. If you want more exceptions you can vote to get them.

  • executivefunction404

    I just mentioned this elsewhere, but considering they’re so pro-life, maybe they’d want to fix the healthcare system, so we aren’t dead last among all developed nations for [maternal mortality]( What a surprise that the majority of the states who were waiting for roe to be overturned to enact abortion bans are also the ones who have the worst statistics for maternal mortality.

    “But we’re pro-life!”

    Nancy Reagan let her friend die, rather than make a phone call to help him get treatment for AIDS. They send kids off to bullshit wars (cough, WMDs, cough) to be killed over lies. They care more about guns than the biennial slaughter of children *outside the womb*. They’re pro control and frighteningly authoritarian.

    Edit: spelling

  • Brad_Brace

    From what I’ve seen, a lot of them even rejoice if women die from back alley abortions. It’s been said a hundred times but, this is about power and control, not lives.

  • Guywithquestions88

    Republicans: *Go around willfully spreading disease and death for 2 solid years.*

    Also Republicans: *Abortion is murder! I’m pro life!*

    Fuck them

  • UnprofessionalGhosts

    Reminder that the top cause of death for pregnant women is homicide.

    They absolutely do not care if we die.

  • JustAnotherMiqote

    If you guys were actually “Pro-Life” you wouldn’t have had a problem wearing masks the past two years.

  • NinJackHole

    “Pro-Life” is all about that “White Life”… if you guys haven’t heard. She even thanked the devil, Donald Trump… Republicans are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites. Vote them all out!

  • nightwing2024

    As the greatest modern philosopher, Carlin, said: “If you’re pre-birth, you’re fine. If you’re pre-school? You’re **fucked**.”

  • thelittlelizard

    The worst part is that there are people who are actually pro-life, who want to minimize abortions through better medical, emotional and financial care for women and their children rather than through bans. But those people get crushed under the politicians and their hordes, who couldn’t care less about mother or child.

  • mdewals

    Stop calling them pro-life. They are pro-control or forced-birthers.

    Pro-life should mean actually being pro anything that helps life. Like taking a vaccine or wearing a mask during a pandemic. Being for a livable minimum wage. Being for affordable healthcare etc etc

  • Ruxini

    I’d say the real pro-lifers are the anti-gun people. They actually care about children being killed and are trying to stop it.

  • Daryno90

    If they actually care about life, they wouldn’t be trying to ban abortion which would only make them more dangerous but would push for stronger safety net programs, Medicare for all, paid maternity leave by law, free education and higher wages, all of these things would do far more to lower abortion rates than banning it would. But they don’t care because it was never about “life” but control

  • asianl0vex

    whats devastating is all the children that will grow up unwanted and or put into the foster system. growing up in situations like this really fucks you up, unless you get lucky. the ramifications from this isn’t just unsafe abortions putting the mother’s health at risk but perpetuating cycles of generational poverty and also these kids will possibly have a lot of mental trauma as a result. the govt absolutely does not give a shit.

  • CatboyInAMaidOutfit

    I don’t believe this is about saving fetuses. This about having the opportunity to be gigantic assholes towards women and it won’t stop at just banning abortion.

  • Alistairio

    Pro-lifers always seem to be pro death penalty too. Odious c*nts. They don’t care about life, just exerting control over women.


    Is this not a Catholic thing. Isn’t the population of the US 20% Catholic and the Supreme Court way higher. Democracy – not at work.

  • mznh

    True. I mean they don’t care about the kids who died from mass shooting to do anything about gun law, but they care about saving unborn fetus? What a joke.

  • mman14876

    I would love to know the percentage of abortions that come from a place of “my life is at risk”.

    Because if it’s high enough (i.e. more than say, 50% the SCOTUS kinda messed up)

    But if it’s like less than 15%, the people arguing it are using fringe reasons/situations to justify everything.

  • Mayank_j

    I’m not from the US (and my country has abortion rights)

    Ques: I used to think pro-life was mostly the group that wanted to minimize abortions through better medical and financial care for women and their children rather than through bans.
    But social media says most pro-lifers are technically pro-birth and have no foresight.
    Are there actually no nuanced/normal people in that camp speaking sense? I saw a few interviews and most were going for rhetoric

  • Passantert

    Pro life is a lie they don’t care if people die. In Kentucky, there is no solution for women who require an abortion for medical reasons. There is no assistance for childcare, medical bills for children or childbirth, or even raped minors.


    What a stupid title.

    Of course all the slacktivists in here think it’s so badass and it’s leaving the SC shaking right now.

  • Cetun

    The real take away people are missing is the fundamental idea behind ‘states rights’ and originalism. Its “The Bill of Rights prevents fascism at the Federal level, but it should be allowed at the State level”

    Then again the conservative justices paradoxically increase the powers of the police state at all levels of government (Unless its the EPA, they get no deference).

    Conservatives in america are authoritarians through and through.

  • Wallacethesane

    There’s absolutely nothing pro-life about any of this that’s going on. Those that think this is a “win” are fucking indoctrinated and blind to the actual truth.

  • theonetruejay

    I appreciate the energy, but it is ultimately unhelpful.

    Too many on both sides are unable to articulate their position beyond bumper-stickers and generalizations. To live in a society together, we should seek to find the actual choice points and proceed from there.

    There is a discussion to be had of when pre-borns are determined to be a person – a life – worthy of protection.

    There is a discussion to be had of what circumstances override this protection.

    Raging, ranting, and other unhelpful activities to not persuade. Forcing change without persuasion does not change beliefs and will be changed back at first opportunity. Emotional manipulation, virtue-signaling, and related activities are at best manipulation, at worst bullying.

    Reason overcomes our lesser instincts.

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