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[oc] halo: infinite ammo

[oc] halo: infinite ammo

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  • mrminutehand

    In Halo Infinite the Marines are hilariously helpful.

    Down to last rocket? Here dude, take it.

    *Marine proceeds to rapid-fire infinite rockets and atomise the entire squad.*

    Got a Razorback and four more Marines? You’ve got a goddamn HIMARS rocket system with infinite ammo.

    If the Infinite campaign was good for anything, it was thundering across the ring with 5 rocket Marines in a *car*, utterly carpeting one base after the other in hellfire without even stopping for breath. On legendary difficulty.

  • Ok-Temporary4428

    Look I’m not a long time Halo hard-core fan or anything and maybe I real dumb af.

    John Halo Shoots.

    John Halo runs out of ammo.

    John Halo looks to his left.

    A soldier says John Halo is his hero.

    Is the soldier with 3 guns the real hero? Is that a common thing in Halo Infinite?

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