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[OC] Giving the cops who come to evict us something to talk about.

[OC] Giving the cops who come to evict us something to talk about.

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  • FiveFingerDisco

    Maybe make a QR- or Barcode from the YouTube URL of Never gonna gove you up and paint that in blood red colored corn syrup on the bathroom floor tiles.

  • koozy407

    Bro, someone else has to clean that up. I get you’re mad you are being evicted but I guarantee whoever has to clean that up had nothing to do with evicting you. This ain’t cool man, you should have taken the high road. Real missed opportunity to be the bigger man.

  • SpiritRaccoon1993

    Hyroglyphs on the wall.. some fake crows hanging somewhere.. and don’t forget the candles …

    And a smiling cactus in thre middle of the room…

  • mainlyupsetbyhumans

    And gave you a chance to massage your ego, not to mention gave you something to look at, talk about, something to try and fill the miserable little hours in your miserable little life that is so empty you scroll through reddit on new or rising because your life is so boring you have read all the post on popular 50 times already.

    Get the fuck over yourself, asshole.

    Let me know if you ever actually live a real day once ever.

  • mainlyupsetbyhumans

    I love how you insult me, and complain to me about how I’ve hurt you. You really can see it any way you want to. As long as you can make assumptions, you can believe whatever you wish, that’s one of the downsides to your fast as hell brain you got.

  • mainlyupsetbyhumans

    Stop throwing around buzzwords and think for a second. I actually like you, so I am being gentle with you. Life is hard for everyone, you can’t even just enjoy yours without coming here to do this stupid shit with me, now I don’t expect you to get it now, but in a few decades you are going to realize how fucking programmed to be a good little cog in the machine you were here today, and you aren’t going to get the chance to live with any real freedom then. You are going to look back and realize all this shit you think is important is a waste of fucking time.

    You think I need help, because you think I’m homeless, because you read the word ‘evicted’, but the truth is, my dude, you’re the one who needs something.

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