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[OC] Breaks my heart we will never see another proper Breath of Fire game…

[OC] Breaks my heart we will never see another proper Breath of Fire game…

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  • WindUpShoe

    ‘Never’ is a long, long time. Reviving the series doesn’t seem to be in Capcom’s plans anytime soon but…. if Konami can bring back Suikoden, you never know. They can at least test the waters with remastered releases of 3 and 4.

    Anyway, I’ll always remember BoF II in particular. That story was powerful, to me at the time. Also had the most beautiful Nina.

  • Meadows14

    I don’t think a new one would work, I’d just kill to be able to legally play BoF3/4 on PC at this point. A remaster would be amazing too.

  • Dont_have_a_panda

    In this generation? No, not a chance, way to busy with the remakes of resident Evil and street fighter and compiling every single MegaMan Game ever and not releasing any new one

    Next generations? Who knows, maybe they are trying to forget the IP since their “brilliant idea” of making the 6th a Japan only mobile phone full of microtransactions one, efectively killing the franchise…..

  • Hefty-Marzipan

    I would love a remaster of dragon quarter with some QOL features (e.g., no more item based saving, rare items that allow you to transform for a certain number of turns without raising your percent).

  • fidelacchius42

    I would love to see a remake in the 2D/3D style like Octopath and Live A Live. For BoF3 in particular I think that style would really shine. Also, that one was my favorite. 4 is pretty fantastic as well. Time to turn on my PS3 and jump back into 4..

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