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Obi-Wan vs Vader – RESCORE with Star Wars III soundtrack

Obi-Wan vs Vader – RESCORE with Star Wars III soundtrack

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  • obi-jawn-kenobi

    As much as I loved this scene and as much as I love the effort put in to get such a classic and emotional score, I don’t think it fits. These characters have changed so much over the past 10 years, this is no longer a brother vs brother/equal vs equal duel.

    There are much more matured emotions to this. Obi Wan’s regret and forgiveness of himself, Vader acting equal parts man and machine and embracing himself the butcher of thousands, including Anakin. Vader making Obi Wan’s mistake and leaving his opponents for dead in the low ground. Obi Wan’s emotional reconciliation that Anakin is gone and this pitiful but terrorizing thong before him has 0 resemblance to his brother, but…

    He still can’t bring himself to kill Vader.

    If only they had the budget for a new version of “Heroes”. Something slightly less dramatic but more emotional with satisfying derivatives of the original themes.

  • JelloAggravating5851

    It’s better as a long-cut fight scene but holy moly do the problems with this fight become super apparent when you view it like this.

    From a lore standpoint, this fight makes zero sense. Obi-wan was never more powerful than Vader and was actually known to be one of the weaker council members when it came to force powers.

    Vader was canonically the strongest.

    Jedi/Sith aren’t supposed to be able to force pull/ push in the middle of a fight without having a massive difference in strength (it’s why Dooku/Palpatine could do it to Obi-wan).

    Vader is massively nerfed for this fight. He’s slow, and clunky which could be explained by his suit except in the previous episode we saw him effortlessly dodge and defeat Reva bare-handed.

    Obi-wan has a Goku moment and actually does the Ultra Instinct meme. We needed more of an explanation than flashbacks to characters’ faces and voices.

    Then he does the most out-of-character thing ever, he leaves Vader alive. Why? He watched Vader murder children and innocent people, and he knows he’s responsible for the deaths of so many.

    The ending would have been way better if Vader had been clearly regaining his strength and slowly overpowering Obi, forcing him to leave having realized he was never going to win.

  • joeblo987123

    Disney please give up on the full CGI sets, or at least spend some money on them. My god does that look bland and boring.

  • stumpcity

    I think the “fixes” people are applying to the show are in the right vein, but they’re still, no matter how hard some folks are trying (and some of them aren’t trying very hard – there’s some not good edits in here) obviously just tracked in music from other movies.

    There’s a couple ways folks could probably make these better

    1. If you’re going to try layering in Williams music, don’t stick to JUST Star Wars the whole time. Look at lesser-known/listened-to scores from the same period. Stuff he did between 1979 and 1984 that wasn’t one of the huge blockbusters. See if you can needle drop some of that stuff and then blend it in with actual Star Wars music at the right moments
    2. Go full Trailer Music Composer – write your own pieces, and then pour them through every patch and voice you have loaded up on your PC to get as close as you can to emulating an orchestra.

    But really, the bigger problem with the show is that it’s a 2.5hr movie spread out to a 6 hour television series, so before you can score ANYTHING, you need to re-edit it back into the right shape, and then score THAT.

    Take out Reva’s flashback, move it to the confrontation with the rebels. Take out Anakin’s flashback, move it to Obi-Wan’s dream. Take out the Reva/Luke confrontation entirely – she never lives past attacking Vader. Combine at least 2 of Leia’s interminable chases, including her shitty interrogation… so on and so forth.

    There’s a 2 hour movie in here that works, that has punch, that moves forward with speed and purpose. Once you have that, THEN you can start looking at how to re-score the thing either by using alternate takes and cues from previous Williams works (or Williams-like works – raid Gordy Haab’s catalog, too!) or by actually getting someone to do their own Kiner-esque riffing on Williams through a midi orchestra.

  • collinch

    As someone who didn’t watch the show, is it safe to assume this is considered the best scene of the season? I never heard anything good about the show so I didn’t bother.

  • tsv1138

    The biggest thing this video points out is how much Star Wars has historically relied on the power of music to drive home the emotion and impact of the scenes. The show and the plot are fairly standard Star Wars fare, the actors are doing a great job, the scenery feels very lived in, but the sound mix and score were lacking for a lot of the key scenes. A lot of the beats are relying heavily on strings when brass and chorus could have driven it home. (yes I know composers and orchestras cost money, but still) The voice mix for the Vader/Anakin helmet split was handled really well but the soundtrack and levels weren’t as punchy. I would say the same for the Ray/Poe/Fin trilogy as well. Play Duel of the Fates during the ocean lightsaber battle to see what I mean, start it a little before Kylo Ren squishes the pyramid.

    A little more John Williams by way of Dvorak and Holst would have made the chase scenes and fight scenes carry the weight and gravitas that we’re accustomed to.

  • OverYon

    I just can’t get over Vader walking away without making sure Kenobi is dead, then Kenobi walking away without killing Vader for the second time…It’s all just so fucking stupid the shaky cam is absolutely terrible but fans just eat it up because it does the bare minimum to get Vader and kenobi on screen together

  • A_Retarded_Alien

    After watching it normally, turn off the volume and watch it at 1.25x speed. Legit it looks *so much* better, closer to the speed they fight at in Episode 3. As amazing as this fight was, they could have done so much more to make these 2 look like actual masters at lightsaber combat..

  • Dennyisthepisslord

    I like how when they meet up in the original star wars they fight so differently…

    New star wars ( including the prequal movies) made the fights so much more action packed that the original style of fighting in the first films looks hilariously crap

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