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Now VS Then [OC]

Now VS Then [OC]

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  • LitterboxComics

    Seriously though -how are kids so clever now?! Mine was doing amazing Minecraft builds at 6 and I was doing… this… 🦆🔫

    By the way, there’s a link to the bonus panel under this comic in r/LitterboxComics
    (Sorry for extra clicks, I’m not sure if external links are allowed here!)

  • amacsiz_bot

    Hey LitterboxComics, wanna hear a random video game fun-fact?
    – The Colossi in Shadow of the Colossus don’t actually have names.

  • AaronTheElite007

    Pro tip: Control the ducks with the second controller to annoy your friends (even if they are right up to the screen)

  • Geoclasm

    I learned recently you could actually aim it at a white piece of paper and never miss, too.

    Apparently, there’s a single frame when the screen flashes as you pull the trigger where everything is black but the ducks are replaced with white squares.

    It’s those white squares the sensor in the duck-hunt gun looks for to trigger a ‘hit’.

    Haven’t tried it, but it would be kind of hilarious to just tape a piece of white paper over the sensor and blow people’s minds with your insane duck-hunt skills from max range.

  • Heroism4499

    Legend has it if you put your light gun in a lamp it’ll autohit because the gun only detects light and not the placement of the ducks.

  • morgan423

    The gun worked on detecting light from the TV screen. When you pulled the trigger, the screen went dark for two frames (one frame = 1/60th of a second). Except for on frame one, a white square was drawn where Duck #1 was, and next frame, a white square was drawn where Duck #2 was (unless there was no Duck #2, then it would be fully black screen). The sensor in the gun detected the white to know you hit a duck, and which frame after the trigger pull completed that the white appeared would tell it which duck you hit.

    So no, the lightbulb trick never worked, because the game and gun sensor are precisely looking for white for one of the first two 60ths of a second after the trigger is pulled, and dark on the other frame.

  • Skgr

    This reminds me of the hack I used for my Wii after I broke my sensor bar.

    I really wanted to use my Wii to play Gamecube games, but you need the sensor bar to be able to navigate to the game select screen. So effectively, I was locked out of playing any game on my Wii even if the game did not require motion controls.

    The solution that I found was to use my toaster as the sensor bar. Since the sensor bar works by emitting infrared light that the Wii remote detects, you can just turn on a toaster and point your Wii remote at the glowy red part to gain control of the cursor. It’s a bit finicky, but if you only need the sensor bar to get past the main menu screen like I did, then this is a pretty effective workaround.

    You can also do this with candles too since they also emit a bit of infrared light.

  • cosygoose3

    This is from litter box comics if you want to read the original. Edit: I’m sorta joking because it pretty obvious. And just incase you actually didn’t know

  • HarunoSakuraCR

    I used to make my dad watch me play Friday the 13th on NES because I was too scared. Lmao. Can you imagine being afraid of 8 bit pixels

  • WhereDemonsDwell

    I like how she seems genuinely into her kids interest and accomplishment, and not just the “that’s nice honey”

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