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Northern Cree – Black Hills Pow Wow [Traditional] (2022)

Northern Cree – Black Hills Pow Wow [Traditional] (2022)

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  • Kuze421

    This took me down a rabbit hole of watching dancing for different tribes that hit me in my emotions that I wasn’t ready for. Beautiful and emotional.

  • EqualityForAllll

    Imagine arriving after a month’s long journey to a place that’s completely wild, no streets, no houses, nothing like where you came from.

    You struggle, you die en masse, friends and family wasting away because this place sucks so fucking hard.

    Then, people like you’ve never seen before arrive. They’re so friendly that they help you to survive, especially the winter. They give you food and water and shelter. You maybe are invited to experience this super cool Pow Wow

    How do you look at these life-saving people and go: “ya, time to fucking die”

    Not only that, but you then start completelyely eliminate their entire existence! Going so far as to slaughter every last Buffalo on the new land so they will starve. You give them blankets with a disease that makes them have boils on their face that pop and infect the body all over again. You put a bounty on the heads of men, women, and children. You pay other colonizers to bring their scalps in THEN NAME A FUCKING FOOTBALL TEAM AFTER IT

    It’s fucking abhorrent what we’ve done to the indigenous

  • bluesky420

    Awesome. Thanks for posting. The power and emotion are undeniable. Love to know any sharable details on this piece.

  • righthandofdog

    I grew up spending a lot of time at pow wows with Mississippi Choctaws. A drum circle gives me the best kind of chills

  • Tahoeclown

    Highly recommend attending a Pow Wow sometime. This singing in person is pretty incredible. And the culture and people are great.

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