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Norman Reedus doesn’t want you looking at the Norman Peenus – Death Stranding

Norman Reedus doesn’t want you looking at the Norman Peenus – Death Stranding

Norman Reedus doesn’t want you looking at the Norman Peenus – Death Stranding from gaming

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  • kneel23

    still pissed i missed this for free on epic games for christmas. Was prob the only time i forgot to check the free games

  • Rad_Dad6969

    Do any western games have similar perv prevention techniques. I’ve seen several variations of this gif and it’s always on a Japanese game.


    There was a time when I knocked out one of those scavenger guys, or whatever they’re called.

    And for luls, I was like “Hey, wonder if the game will let you piss near them” and they actually scripted a response where he said “Nobody wants to see that”.

    Was absolutely amazing.

  • Extension_Building19

    Actually this is a very early throw back to MGS2 when sneaking around big shell, you come across the hostages and if youre sneaking around prone you can peek up some of the females panties and when they sense you theyll close their legs and do this. Its a Hideo Kojima easter egg.

  • juanjing

    Video games have come a long way.

    You used to only hear about stuff like this in video games from some lucky kid who had an uncle that worked at Nintendo.

    “Yeah dude, I swear. Keep looking at his dick, and then he flips you off, and then he punches you. It’s so funny.”

  • magus2003

    I know “walking simulator” gets made fun of a lot, but I really enjoyed this game.

    It’s definitely worth another playthrough, I think.

  • BakedZnake

    Meanwhile Quiet has an endless loop of animations in different seductive poses while you stare at her in the helicopter in mgs5

  • TopFloorApartment

    My favourite thing about this is that this functionality had to be prioritised during development. There were probably some debates about how important the “Sam Porter Bridges reacts when player stares at his crotch” userstory is.

    Then a developer had to spend some time making sure that if the camera was pointed at his crotch for long enough, the right animation kicked in, etc. Probably used a ‘crotchStareTime’ variable or something.

    Finally, a serious, professional QA engineer had to verify that if you stared at Sam’s crotch for the right amount of time, the right reaction occurred. But not if you stare at his bicep. Or during a different scene. Etc.

    Serious work went into this. All just so we can have this gif.

  • jandros_quandry

    A meme once referred to this game as Norman Reedus and the funky fetus and that’s all i can think about when this comes up

  • Spoomplesplz

    Dude the PT shadow in the shower scared the FUCK out of me when I saw it.

    Back when it first came out all of these little easter eggs were a complete mystery and random as fuck.

    Theres also one where BB tabs on the glass and you tap back and then he just fucking rams his head through the glass and jumpscares the shit out of you.

    Every time I went back to the room after that I was always so damn paranoid.

  • A_Fluffy_Butt

    I enjoy little shit like this that draws attention to the player being a bit too nosey.
    I’m reminded of a part in the Witcher 3 where there’s a rare instance of asking the same question a second time gets you different dialogue. You’re performing an autopsy, ask to check the corpse’s genitals, guy helping you says it’s pointless but you insist. If you do it again bro just says “While you seem to be fascinated with gonads I’m afraid I don’t share are similar interest”.

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