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Nintendo Virtual Boy Blockbuster Rental

Nintendo Virtual Boy Blockbuster Rental

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  • JohnnyWisco

    Mom my bought this for me directly from Blockbuster sometime in the late 90’s. Everything works and I still can’t play for more than 30 minutes without getting a headache. I remember being so excited I was when I brought it home and how I thought it was going to be the next great thing in gaming.

  • MrRedHott

    I thought I was the only kid who had this when I was younger. I cant tell you how many times I had a stiff neck playing Mario’s Tennis. I can see the red everywhere. What a throwback.

  • Nomadic_View

    My friend bought one of these. The way you play is you lay on your belly in the floor and look into it. It is not very comfortable. But the 3D imagery was pretty cool little gimmick. Mario Tennis is the only one I remember playing.

  • ilovehamburgers

    My brother and I rented this one weekend! It was so cool, but man, it would give you a headache after a while.

  • Random_Hero1989

    Mario’s Tennis actually has a multiplayer mode in the code but it requires a lot of sorcery and surgery to get working.

    Also get the Wario game, hands down the best game on the system (Which probably isn’t saying much)

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