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Netflix’s Dead End: Paranormal Park – OFFICIAL FULL EPISODE ONE

Netflix’s Dead End: Paranormal Park – OFFICIAL FULL EPISODE ONE

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  • scottchambers123

    They should nickname shows like this “stock crashers”. That was awful. Truly awful. Does Netflix just commission any show to anyone that shows up to the interview?

  • Still_Equivalent9450

    I’m only partway through the season but it’s incredibly fun so far. Really funny and charming, it fits right in with shows like Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, The Owl House etc

  • Bears_On_Stilts

    Featuring Alex Brightman from “Beetlejuice: the Musical” and countless memes as the voice of the pug and the demon inside it. When he speaks or sings just as the pug, you’d never know it was him… and then, like Mark Hamill, he goes into his famous guttural double-vibrating-vocal chords growl and it’s TikTok: The Musical all over again.

    I wonder if “the voice” is hard for him to produce constantly. I know Mark Hamill has repeatedly tried to retire “the voice” but he keeps getting offers he can’t refuse to break it out again, whether it’s reprising the Joker again or playing a villain on “What We Do in the Shadows.”

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