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Nathan, my beloved

Nathan, my beloved

Nathan, my beloved from gaming

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  • TooLateForTacos

    The amount of excitement I had for the PC Uncharted collection, before and after I found out it was just Uncharted 4, gave me fucking whiplash.

  • z_AxioMatiC_z

    I just played all 4 for the first time ever on the remastered collection. The first one felt like an arcade game, kind of a tech demo. The second is great, the third went a little Resident Evil 5 for my taste and the fourth is one of the best games I’ve ever played.

  • MumblingFlint

    Just had the same experience with the nearly 30 year old game “Archimedean Dynasty” (german title: “Schleichfahrt”)

    It was my first PC game back in the days and I always wanted to play it again, but was worried that my memories where tainted by nostalgia.
    Well, after nearly 4 hours in a single session I can honestly say they weren’t. Yes, it does not look 2023, but story and gameplay are still awesome.

  • Trowisk

    I always feel like less people like Uncharted than what the sales numbers actually say. It’s a shame because I played through the collection recently and some of the set piece moments are still some of the biggest and most epic moments in gaming. I can’t quite put my finger on it but there’s something Naughty Dog does in those moments that make me feel like I have more agency and control than when other people do huge set piece moments.

    Im probably wrong but I just don’t see people talking about the Uncharted series as much as I think they should be.

  • AmIbiGuy_420

    The first game I beat on the ps4. As a kid Indiana Jones was one of my favorite series ever. Loved pulpy adventure stories about explorers and treasure hunters. So playing through Drakes Fortune after growing up with only a wii just fucking blew me away.

  • SirDavidJames

    Good news! They are remaking this game as well! I think it’s another studio that is not naughty dog.

    After playing the Last of Us Part I remake I have to say that it did indeed warrant a remake.

  • Taxi-Driver

    I just finished part 4 yesterday the graphics are probably some of the best I have ever seen, the voice acting is phenomenal and the game overall feels like it’s made with alot of love but it just doesn’t feel like much of a game to me. It’s just so scripted and so on rails. No mechanic has any depth, the cover shooting feels like a relic from 2013, the traversal is hold the analog stick and look at the vistas. What I really loved was the last boss fight and I wish the game had more of that. I didn’t really feel like I was doing much. It’s like an interactive movie which I guess was the aim but I just wish it had deeper game mechanics and gave the player some kind of agency. At some point I just got bored and I wanted the game to just be over . I understand why people love these games and I understand why people also don’t like these games. Overall im glad I played it but left me yearning for something more.

  • JustLinkStudios

    Those games are insane. Like the last of us I discovered how amazing they were very late. Only got a ps4 pro about 4 years ago to finally play all the exclusives I never had. I’ve always been PC based. Bonus was I got all the triple A games for like £5-£10 each. Finished the last of us and the sequel came out a week later, played GOW and then the sequel teaser dropped. Played Uncharted 1,2,3 then instantly bought 4 for £3. My eyes could not believe the detail, fidelity and overwhelming creativity. Truly are masterpieces of gaming, the last of us especially. I still remember watching the E3 demo of it when I still lived in my friggin parents house!

  • Winker2009

    I actually just replayed all of them to get the platinum trophies. One of the best series of games out there. Im excited for whatever Naughty Dog does Next and hopefully we get another game in the series down the line!

  • Tegerus

    Tried playing the newer tomb raider series thinking it would give similar vibes and the first one was decently good but the 2nd one lost me. I wish they’d make an uncharted game for ps5 maybe with Sam or Nathan’s child.

  • Wakizashiuk

    It’s very rare a series manages to end so masterfully. When I completed the series, for once, I felt completely at peace with only fond memories.

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