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my retro game station, now with cable ties!

my retro game station, now with cable ties!

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  • Existential_Jay

    Woah buddy. Cable ties aren’t period. You need a rats nest of cables that cause you to yank the console off the shelf whenever you reach for a controller.

    Seriously though, great setup!

  • Lumpy_Visit9336

    Nice set up! I want to caution you consoles on carpet can cause static that kills your machines slowly.. just a heads up 🙂 I really need to find me an old TV I never knew I’d want one again lol.

  • TankProImporum

    I have a ps1 but the cord to plug it in to the wall don’t work no more. The console itself still works. I played the crap outta that thing when I was little

  • Critical-Ad-7094

    Thats a great set up, im really envious. I dont have a PS1 so play all the games on my PS2, but nothing beats that classic PS1 start up sound.
    An NES and CRT TV? *chefs kiss*

    What games for the NES are you packing?

  • googlehymen

    Check you with the fancy pants tv dvd combo!

    Honestly though I loved my VHS tv combo back in the day, it was wall mounted too.

    A wii being “retro” is melancholy to me. I remember working at a catalogue company and these were gold dust to parents trying to get their kids what they want at Christmas. Doesn’t feel that long ago.

    The Japanese (Not just Nintendo) are still very conservative when it comes to production numbers as poor sales have crushed companies in the past.

    Ahh memories. Enjoy your set up. Peace.

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