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My poor forgotten pichu stuck in my pokewalker since I sold my DS long ago

My poor forgotten pichu stuck in my pokewalker since I sold my DS long ago

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  • ShiromoriTaketo

    I loved those things. I thought it was ridiculously wholesome one time when a simple Rattata said it wanted to join me. It ended up being one of my favorite pokemon.

  • BigCoqSurprise

    i used to have soul silver with it, got rid of the game, for some reason, thinking worst case in the future i can use a hacked console and keep using the walker. did just that only to realise the ir chip is in the cartridge and its not using the one on the console.

    *surprised pikachu face*

  • PlayerZeroStart

    Ah, HG/SS, the only game in the series where I bought both versions of specifically because I lost my pokewalker and wanted another one.

  • Jedi_Outcast

    My brother destroyed our ceiling fan doing the pokewalker fan trick. You tie a string to the fan blade and then have it connected to a chair or something. It bobs up and down gaining steps.

    Anyway it got stuck and burned out the fans motivator.

  • Correct-Chemist6379

    I had a legit shiny Tauros that I loved with a cool move set and it was high leveled on mine but instead of losing the ds I lost the poke walker somewhere in a big city during a school field trip

  • crimsontape

    Imagine AI robots of the future, as they dig up electronic trinkets in an effort to piece together the archaeology of their past. They’ll dust off and restore old Gameboy carts, and they will find all manners of creatures springing back to life as if not a day had gone by. And they will weep for a feeling no human can have ever known in this way.

    And there will be lots of weeding to do in Animal Crossing.

  • Kurotan

    I kind of want to see what I left in mine. I think it was an eevee, but I’m not sure. I’d have to go buy batteries.

  • oliferro

    Makes me think of that one Black Mirror episode where they make a copy of their conscience and put it in what is basically a Alexa to do all the tedious tasks for them

  • matteb18

    The biggest let down with these things was that you could only grow the Pokémon on there ONE level at a time. I was so excited when I got mine, transferred a Pokémon to it, clipped it to my belt and wore it all day at work. I fully expected to grow that sucker 10+ levels with how much I was walking at work. Then I got home and transferred the Mon back to my game only to find it had grown only a single level. Such Bull Shit and made the thing a lot less worthwhile imo.

  • ZealousidealWin3177

    Was scrolling & saw red white thought of Pikachu love him & I’ve got a cool tat of him before either movie 😺💕

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