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My Indie Game Publishing Company [Dunkey]

My Indie Game Publishing Company [Dunkey]

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  • DestroyerofCheez

    Honestly I don’t have a great feeling about this. Maybe I’ll be proven wrong, but I never quite saw Dunkey as the person to manage something like a publishing company, especially with the portfolio he gave in this video. Yes he played a great variety of games and even done some reviews I’ve enjoyed, but nothing has really indicated to me he has experience in publishing this or creating games. This is like a film buff trying to start their own publishing company without experience directly in the industry. Him also touting about advocating good games just also seems a bit…ignorant is the word? I mean at 1:01 he lists some of the most popular indie games out there. Also as much as I enjoy his tastes, I’ve never fully revered him as a critic. Like 90% of his videos are shitposts. Other than being a guy with a bunch of views and maybe some cash set aside, I’m not sure why anyone serious would want to work with this.

  • Iwant2bethe1percent

    I hope going forward dunkey will separate his comedy from his business a little bit. I mean it would be nice to have some comedy but during this whole video i couldnt tell if he was being serious or not. He is probably the one content creator that i can never tell when he is bein genuine to sarcastic. This would be great for the gaming industry tho and i hope his pockets are deep! would only take a couple games till he is making serious money and doing more serious projects! go dunkey!

  • drekmonger

    Ideas are cheap.

    Epic Games is has been (some would say overly) generous passing out grants to indie developers. Dunkey doesn’t have the cash to compete with Epic’s endless pile of Unreal money.

    And yet, despite Epic helping to fund literally **hundreds** of projects filled with smart, creative people with grants, precious few of those games end up being blips on the radar post release. There’s maybe a handful that I would consider ‘good successes’, and none of them I would consider, ‘astronomically successful.’

    Precious few have managed to release at all. The failure rate of game projects is huge. Probably close to 90 percent, even applying a baseline budget of, say, $200,000. (which is really no money at all, unless we’re talking a single developer project like Undertale.)

    I mean, I wish him well. Maybe it will work. I hope it does work.

    But all my instincts say that it will not. I don’t think anyone serious will bite. Even if they do, there’s going to be a lot of wasted effort on projects that cancel themselves or flop.

  • Masters_1989

    If this doesn’t work, things with Dunkey are likely to get really weird, really quickly.

    Also, questions abound about what the quality of the games he helps produce actually turn out to be like – let alone him critiquing/covering them.

    I’d like to be positive about this, but there are some massive questions and concerns at play. (Also, how good of a producer would he (and Leah) be? That could prove highly problematic.)

  • Indercarnive

    I don’t doubt this comes from a place of passion and actual intent. But it feels more like it’s just selling “Dunkey’s seal of approval” and access to Dunkey’s audience.

  • ConscientiousPath

    He’s calling this a publishing company, but his description of it doesn’t match that definition. This sounds more like he wants to be your alpha version playtester or otherwise help you refine your concept/mechanics by giving you feedback on what he does/doesn’t like in the game. Nothing wrong with that, but it’s not really what I think of when I think of a “publisher”. It sounds more like he’s offering to be a consultant.

    The publisher’s role (in my view) is usually to do things like handle marketing, handle the logistics of getting your game into a storefront, maybe bankroll development, and for larger publishers like Steam it’s to concentrate gamers and game ads/announcements in one place so they meet each other more often. I love Dunkey but that doesn’t sound like what Dunkey is known for having expertise in, or what he’s explicitly offering here.

    That said, whatever this venture ends up being and doing, I hope this actually helps make games better or helps make more games happen. Dunkey is spot on that there’s room for more of that.

  • Resident132

    Im happy for Dunkey pursuing a goal or new idea but as a long time fan i have some concerns. As a “game critic” is he going to be honest about the games he publishes or just pushing them regardless of quality on his channel. He is very harsh on unfinished products and buggy games and that may come flying back in his face when he sees first hand how brutal game dev is. Also if it affects his channels quality or quantity i will be disappointed. I guess we will see but as I love Dunkey good for you bro and I hope the best.

  • ReclusiveBeans

    So much info about game devs applying, but nothing about the production side of the house. Curious to understand what services are being offered.

    When I worked at a publisher we did marketing (sites, reviews, shows, etc), marketplace integration for all platforms, in-game services (chat, inventory management, user profile systems), and just generally kept the entire thing moving along. If the game required networking, we ran the servers. We had artists and game directors on staff for consultation with studios and in the end the game developers were a small (but incredibly important) part of a massive orchestra of chaos.

    You *must* have a team to run a publisher but I can’t find any info on their needs there.

  • snorlz

    TBH that was a really weird pitch. He seemed to really want to emphasize that hes a REAL gamer. Only True Gamers like him who love indie platformers and hate big popular games can join his company

  • Joshawott27

    I’ll give him credit for not calling it some variation of “Very Rare Games” like all the others, but whew is he about to learn a lot about publishing if he thinks a mantra of “Will only publish good games” will get him by.

  • hotdog_jones

    My concern is that Dunk’s idea of “indie games” appears to be the mainstream success anomalies, mid-level teams with marketing budgets and the critically rated absolute cream of the crop.

    It can take a lot of hard work and almost just as much luck from both devs and publishers to create products that reach those heights. As it stands – and I’m happy to be proven wrong – I’m unaware of his eye for true hidden indie gems and what exactly he’s bringing to the table apart from cash, which while handy, isn’t all a publisher does. “I’m good at and like a lot of video games” is a pretty wobbly bona fide to base this all on. Having said all that, successful companies have probably been started on less.

  • mightynifty_2

    My guess is that they’ll probably stick to smaller games that have a lot of promise and a playable demo at first. Games they can fund for things like ads or distribution. That’s the winning strategy here- get a repertoire under your belt for bringing attention to indie games no one would have otherwise heard of, then you can consider making a game from scratch.

  • Lazyade

    If he’s just looking to fund some games that he would want to play, go right ahead. I’m just a consumer so whatever happens doesn’t affect me, if even one good game comes out of it it’ll be a net positive. Evaluating the idea in general though, if he’s actually looking to turn this into a successful business/career, who knows what’ll happen.

    The main thing I get from Dunkey’s reviews (and this video too) is that while he is insightful, his ego is the size of a fucking galaxy. “If you care about games you come to my channel to find out what’s worth playing”? This is the guy who trends on twitter every other week for how unpopular and in-bad-faith his takes are. He reviews games that he knows he’ll hate (making his opinion useless) and when called out on it says it’s because you have to play bad games to appreciate good ones?

    Also was he trying to take credit for the success of some of the best and most universally acclaimed indie games of all time? You can trust me to only pick the best, because I have refined enough taste to recognize that Hollow Knight and Undertale are good? Come on man, you’re hardly sifting through the muck for hidden gems here.

    I’ll definitely be curious to see how this attitude translates into actual publishing.

  • erobertt3

    Man I really like dunkey’s videos but his claim that his channel is THE PLACE that real gamers go to to know what games are worth playing really puts me off, like sorry bro but I watch your videos because I find you entertaining, not to form my opinion on what games are worth playing.

  • Patarokun

    Love Dunkey but what he seems to be missing is that most people don’t set out to make a bad game. When you’ve got a product that depends on dozens of people coming together to execute an idea under budget and time constraints, it’s real easy to end up with something mediocre through no fault of the team. Sometimes the magic just doesn’t happen.

  • SomeNoteToMyself

    I’ve seen a lot of people here saying he’ll fail and all that. But like, at least he’s trying something new. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. He’s worked towards this goal for a decade. Good on him for sticking to his goal. It’s good he’s not listening to Reddit armchair people and just dropping his goals because the internet deems them to be unachievable.

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